Karol G’s concert at the Save Mart Center welcomes a new life

Karol G, a Colombian singer, performed at the Save Mart Center on Oct. 25 as part of her Strip Love Tour, with a pre-show featuring DJ Agudelo 888. (Marcos Acosta/The Collegian)

Fans from across the Central Valley sold out the Save Mart Center (SMC) to see Colombian singer Karol G as she kicked off her Strip Love Tour. What would have been a night of reggaeton took a turn for one Hanford fan who went into labor during the concert. 

Colombian singer Karol G brought her Strip Love Tour to the Save Mart Center on Oct. 26. (Marcos Acosta/The Collegian)

Baby Anahi made her grand debut to the world and to Fresno along with Karol G that night. 

Save Mart Center announced on Facebook last Wednesday that a fan went into labor during the show. 

“We are happy to report both baby and mom are doing great,” it wrote. 

Most attendees were unaware of the birth during the show, with many not noticing until Karol G’s Instagram story went live later that night. 

The Colombian singer visited the mother and her baby at St. Agnes Medical Center. She posted a photo of the visit on Instagram when she visited her newest fan. 

“Anahi the baby is incredibly healthy and beautiful! Her mommy is too and I’m speechless. Happy, blessed and grateful for these incredible experiences that God adds to my life,” she wrote in Spanish on her Instagram story.

Fresno State student Sabrina Salas had no idea that a fan went into labor during the concert, but said she was impressed to see the woman create more than one memory that evening. 

“My first thought was, how? [Especially] with the pain someone endures during labor. Did the mother stay? But then [I] also give her props for it because she made three memories out of one experience. One: She saw one of her favorite artists live. Two: She gave birth at a concert. Three: Karol G personally visited her when she heard the news,” Salas said. 

The show itself was filled with excitement from the moment fans entered the arena, Salas said. 

“From beginning to end, the concert was filled with so much joy and happiness. Honestly the experience was much more fun when we were vibing and dancing with the people around us,” Salas said.  

DJ Agudelo 888 hosted a pre-show to hype up the crowd before Karol G. (Marcos Acosta/The Collegian)

With over 50% of Fresno coming from a Latine background, fans like Salas were touched to see their community and different Latine cultures come together to celebrate Karol G. 

“With Fresno being a primarily Hispanic populated community, I think having artists such as Karol G is such a blessing being that she is so well loved and respected for how she proudly represents the Latino community,” Salas said. 

This year, Karol G and Brazilian pop star Anitta became the first Latinas to have been invited to perform at Coachella’s main stage, the Coachella Stage. Karol G paid tribute to several Latine artists during her performance, including Selena, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Celia Cruz and her fellow Colombian star, Shakira.

“Her music sends out a message of empowerment to women. She is such a humble, kind and amazing person that never fails to give back to her community and it makes me so happy to have someone like her to represent my community,” Salas said. 

Karol G performing before a crowd at the Save Mart Center. (Marcos Acosta/The Collegian)
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