Fred Voccola, CEO of IT Management Company Kaseya, Explains His Definition of ‘Grit’ and How It Has Led Him to Success

For Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola, “true grit” is much more than just the title of a Western movie. It’s the secret to ultimate success.

According to Voccola, there are a lot of skills, traits, and characteristics that entrepreneurs must have in order to succeed. But, above all else, grit will get you where you want to go.

So, what is Voccola’s definition of grit and how was he was able to use it to build a successful career in a highly-competitive space?

Success is Hard Work

There are many smart people in the world. Yet, not every smart person becomes successful. The difference between those who rise to the top and those who don’t is often the hard work that they put in, according to the Kaseya CEO.

He often references valedictorians to make this point. There are many smart students in each and every school, but every graduating class has one and only one valedictorian.

The person who’s able to achieve this impressive accomplishment may not be the single smartest person in the class. Instead, Fred Voccola says he believes the valedictorian is often the one who works the hardest — spending extra time in the library and making sure to get to bed early the day before a big test.

Never, Ever Quit

Another crucial aspect of grit, according to Fred, is never, ever giving up. All entrepreneurs are going to take their lumps. The key is how they pick themselves up after taking these lumps and keep on going.

In order to be gritty, entrepreneurs have to be tough. Fred Voccola isn’t referring to physical toughness when he describes this, though. He means being able to dig deep into your energy reserves when you need to keep going to overcome obstacles and in the face of defeat to achieve a particular goal.

Part of this is converting inevitable failures into successes, by turning weaknesses into strengths – and doing whatever you need to do to be successful.

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Says Desire is Key

Many people possess the desire to be their own boss. Many people possess an idea that could sell. But, what separates the truly successful entrepreneurs from those who aren’t able to make it is the desire within.

Voccola says this desire is what motivates him and all the employees at Kaseya to continue to provide outstanding service to their clients.

Voccola oversees Kaseya’s overall vision, mission, and growth strategies as it offers its clients robust unified IT management and security solutions. Within the first 2.5 years of his now seven-year journey leading the company, Kaseya grew from $85 million in revenue to $275 million.

While new ideas and key strategic partnerships played an important role in achieving that feat, it’s the desire inside Voccola — his true grit — that keeps him going.

If other entrepreneurs want to be successful, they too need to find this desire, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and embrace the inevitable change that is to come. 

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