Tricks, treats and toilet seats: Ghosts on campus?

The third floor of the Family and Food Science Building contains an eerie aura. (Diego Vargas/The Collegian)

With Halloween inching closer, The Collegian reached out to students about their spooky experiences on campus.

The multiple replies received through social media revealed that, for many students, the creepiest spots on campus are bathrooms in buildings that seldom receive a lot of attention. Several replies emphasized the Family and Food Science’s third-floor bathroom and the Speech Arts bathroom, for example.

Sabrina Ramirez, a senior and actor in the upcoming “Misery” production, also shared that she believes the downstairs bathroom in the Social Science Building is a hot spot for ghastly activity, specifically noting “the third stall [is] hella creepy.”

Naturally, The Collegian investigated these spots to see if they truly are as spine-chilling as students say. This is what we found.

The third-floor bathroom at Family and Food Science

The bathroom located at the top floor of the Family and Food Science Building sits in a dark corner atop a dimly lit stairwell. The only sound comes from the ventilation system’s hum that permeates the building walls. Within the bathroom, however, the sound stops, with a single lightbulb illuminating the room. Though no footsteps were heard, nor any apparitions seen, there was a feeling of eeriness. 

Bizarrely, not a single person was on this floor at the time The Collegian investigated the bathroom. The long hallway between both ends of the building is filled with classrooms and offices, however, there was not a soul in any of them – at least, not any living ones.

Speech Arts bathroom near The Collegian’s office

Near the entrance of The Collegian’s office rest two small bathrooms in a narrow hallway, which seems to suspiciously never have any lights on. 

Once inside, the sound of students’ footsteps and conversations penetrated the walls. However, once the buzz of activity was noted, all sounds stopped. What was left was only the buzz of the lights overhead and a chilling puddle of water from a flooded stall.

A horrifying roar suddenly enveloped the bathroom, and the frightful sound of the building’s old water pipes would cause even the most courageous Bulldog to shudder in fear. Although no supernatural phenomena were recorded, this does not detract from the bathroom’s frighteningly poor plumbing.

Social Science downstairs bathroom

This bathroom was remarkable in that it was in an even narrower hallway than the last. Even more terrifying was how big and bright it was, leaving almost no shadows for any creepy fiends to hide in. After checking the third stall, it was confirmed that no otherworldly beings were haunting the bathroom

Despite widespread student concerns about these creepy bathrooms, it seems the ghosts and ghouls are taking a break this Halloween season. In our investigation, The Collegian was not able to capture any sounds, apparitions or unexplained phenomena within any of the locations. However, our camera equipment did malfunction, causing our audio to fail and corrupting our footage. Perhaps the spirits are waiting until Halloween to truly petrify students.

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