Boost Your Fertility: 5 Tips to Try Out

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you are not alone. In every state, country, and continent, women worldwide are with you in the struggle to get pregnant. Some of you might have an underlying condition affecting your ability to get pregnant. If so, consult with your doctor to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

We are here today to provide a list of tips for enhancing your fertility. These tips range from regularly taking fertility supplements for women to ensuring you are not too stressed. So let’s get right into these tips.

Eat Foods That are Rich in Antioxidants

The first tip you can try to help boost your fertility is to ensure you include foods in your diet that are rich in antioxidants. Certain antioxidants, such as folate and zinc, are especially helpful in supporting fertility. So keep an eye out on the ingredients list to ensure some of the foods you’re eating include these antioxidants. Foods that are well-known to carry antioxidants such as folate and lutein are fruits, nuts, and veggies. The research has not yet proven that eating these foods will enhance fertility, but current research suggests that it might. Either way, incorporating these healthy foods into your diet will be good for your overall health, which is also essential for fertility.

Do Not Overexercise

Many people have fallen for the mistaken idea that being healthy means exercising to the point where your body cannot take it anymore. This is incorrect and is especially harmful to women trying to heighten their chances of getting pregnant. Vigorous overexercising can inhibit the body’s natural ovulation process, potentially lowering one’s chances of successfully getting pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant and are currently at a healthy weight for your age and height, a good rule would be to have no more than five hours of vigorous exercise each week.


Stress is a natural part of life, and everyone experiences it to some extent. However, if you are trying to get pregnant, keeping stress to a minimum would be good for you to do. High stress levels are associated with hormonal changes, potentially making it more challenging to get pregnant. If getting pregnant is one of your top priorities, it might be smart to set aside some of the things in life that are currently stressing you out so that you can focus on getting pregnant and staying relaxed in general. Counseling and therapy can be beneficial resources for people with high stress and anxiety levels. Going to counseling does not mean that you are weak and cannot cope with stress yourself; instead, it can help support healthy fertility. If you think you are experiencing too much stress in your life and are concerned about the effect of stress on your fertility, set up an appointment at your local counseling center. There are also many great telehealth options for counseling today if your schedule does not permit you to go to a weekly in-person appointment. 

Record Your Menstrual Cycle

You are most likely to get pregnant at certain times in your menstrual cycle. Because of this fertile window, tracking your menstrual cycle and ovulation is essential. This can help ensure that you are aware of the times when you are most fertile and have sex during that fertile window. Most researchers recommend having sex three days before ovulation as well as during ovulation. Having sex slightly before ovulation might help increase your chances of getting pregnant because of the sperm’s strong survival tendencies; sperm can survive within the vagina for several days. Because of this, having sex before ovulation can help the sperm reach the egg as soon as ovulation occurs. There are many great ways to keep track of your menstrual cycle. Many people today use apps to help track their cycles, and they’re great to use because you’ll always have your phone/menstrual cycle tracker on you. These apps can also help track when you have cramps are anything else unusual in your cycle that might inform you about your fertility.

Take Fertility Supplements

Thanks to all the new research that has been done on fertility and pregnancy, numerous different fertility supplements can help support healthy fertility. If you lack vitamins and need a supplement that will provide you with fertility-supporting supplements, there are supplements designed for just that purpose. No matter what stage of life you are in as well, there are fertility supplements that are made for you. These supplements can be the key that helps you achieve that desired pregnancy. Ovaterra has many different fertility supplements, and you are bound to find one that fits with your body and fertility desires.

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