Thurber appeals disqualification from ASI presidential election

Candidates gathered in the 2022 ASI presidential debate on March 18, 2022. A second ASI presidential debate for the special election is on April 26 in the University Student Union at 11 a.m.(Wyatt Bible/ The Collegian)

In March, the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) student court unanimously voted to disqualify Fresno State student Edward Thurber from the ASI 2022-23 presidential election. 

Thurber’s disqualification called the need for an ASI special presidential election. On April 22, he announced his intent to appeal the court’s decision.

“I absolutely plan to appeal the disqualification… I am hopeful that my appeal will be upheld, and that the special election will not be required,” Thurber said.

According to Alex Walker, ASI’s election commissioner, Thurber has a right to appeal the decision of the student court. The appeal goes to Carolyn Coon, interim vice president for Student Affairs. 

“Coon is not required to review his appeal if she decides not to, similar to how the Supreme Court can decline to hear a case,” Walker said. 

He said that if Coon decides to review Thurber’s appeal, she can reject it and uphold the student court decision.

If Coon decides in favor of the appeal, it would reverse Thurber’s disqualification and cancel the special election. Walker said the ballot results from the previous election will be announced if Coon accepts the appeal. 

“If my appeal is rejected, a special election is clearly necessary so that my many supporters will have the opportunity to vote for another eligible candidate,” Thurber said. 

“I am so grateful for my supporters and what we created this semester in our campaign for ASI president… to support my vision of representation and equal opportunity for all students to influence the decisions of our administration to increase accessibility and student success. I am so proud of what we achieved together.”

Coon has until April 26 to make her decision. 

A second ASI presidential debate is scheduled on April 26 at the University Student Union at 11 a.m. Candidates from the previous election, D’Aungillique Jackson and Aidan Garaygordobil, will return, as well as a new candidate, Cinthya Arriaga Sanchez. 

The 2022-23 ASI special election voting process will be from May 3 – 5. 

The new student body president will be announced May 7 at 1 p.m. in University Student Union (USU) Room 308 and live on Facebook.

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