How to Overcome Academic Struggles After Your Parents Divorce

A happy family is often one of the goals of many couples. Sadly, not all marriages have a happy ending. Although divorce can be hard on both spouses, the children get affected the most

The impact can be visible from their social life to school performance over the years. College students, for example, face such challenges as academic struggles on top of their role to look after their younger siblings. 

This article will look at how divorce affects college students and how they can manage the stress it brings. 

The Impact of Divorce on College Students 

Eighty percent of college students revealed varying stress levels on an American Institute of Stress research. Among those who sought mental health treatment, 30 percent were due to stress, while 60 percent were from severe anxiety levels. 

If this was already the case, parental divorce could drive these figures further. The emotional and financial impact could be an additional burden for them. 

Another study showed a wide disparity of divorce’s toll on college males and females. The observation indicated that college females suffered more than males after parental divorce. 

The research attributed its conclusion to the changes in academic performance, especially during examinations. The effect was most evident in strained father-daughter relationships with respondents revealing emotional and attitudinal changes towards their father. 

College Students Can Cope With Parental Divorce Stress

Despite efforts to exert independence, college students are still vulnerable to different factors. Things can get especially hard for them if their parents divorce without their expecting it. If you are in the same boat, here are some tips on how you and your parents can cope with the aftermath of divorce.

Ask Your Parents to Settle Things Peacefully

The process may take a few months or even years, depending on the situation. Still, your parents can always resolve issues peacefully. Divorce and child custody battles can affect you and your siblings, so lashing character assassination on each other will not help. 

It could be more stressful, though, if your parents were married in another country before moving to where you’re living now. Suppose they got married in Canada, then moved to the US after. There may be differences in the laws, method, and duration of settling a divorce and child custody if this is the case. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of good family law firms in Canada that can help your parents settle these matters. One of these is Gelman Law. You and your parents can reach out to their family law experts for assistance. 

You Must Acknowledge and Accept Your Feelings 

Parental divorce or separation can cause drastic changes in family setups. Children may experience separation anxiety, resentment, and other negative emotions. 

For you to learn to accept things, you must acknowledge the changes along with your feelings. Do not rush yourself into getting used to the new setup, so you will not drown with your problems and obligations. 

Find Ways to Get Busy 

There is no cut-and-dried way to cope with the stress that comes with parental divorce, and it is more challenging if you live on your college campus. Being open to your friends and even your teachers can help. 

Divert your attention by joining extracurricular activities. It can also be a way to harness your skills and determine your passion. You may even make money out of this in the future.

College Students Can Rise Above Challenges 

Entering college can be thrilling and challenging, given the changes in obligations and independence. The stress of academic struggles is one of the inevitable things you will have to face. Although piling parental divorce on top of this can be hurtful and burdensome, it can be an opportunity for you to be strong and rise above these challenges. 

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