8 Questions to Ask When Reconnecting With Fellow Alumni

After graduating college, fellow classmates disperse across the globe to move near family
members or start new careers. Although the process of picking where you want to move after
college is complicated, it is an exciting season of life. After alumni have been out of school for a
few years, it is easy to get disconnected from college friends.

Thankfully, there are many tools like USSearch that make it simple to find long lost friends.
When reconnecting with fellow alumni, take time to get to know them again. In this article, we
will share eight questions to ask when reconnecting with fellow alumni.

How Has Your Life Changed?

This question shows your interest in the other person and illustrates that you care about their
life. It creates a relaxed environment to talk about feelings and experiences that have
happened over a period of time. No matter how many years that you have been apart, this
question gives an opportunity to explain how they have evolved and grown since their college

What Has Surprised You the Most Since Graduating College?

This question is great for learning what alumni have been able to achieve since college, but also
reminds them of how far they have come. This opens up a discussion for exploring goals and
aspirations. In addition, it opens the door to share funny stories.

Where Do You See Yourself?

Although it can be scary to think about a future self, this question gets people thinking about
their dreams and goals, both personally and professionally. No matter where someone is in life,
it will always be interesting to hear their honest thoughts on the way they see their path

What Are Your Biggest Achievements?

This is a great question to find out what someone has been working on in their life and how
they accomplished it. It shows that you care about the success of others and gives people an
opportunity to humbly brag. This also opens up the door for discussion around helpful tips and advice, which can be beneficial for everyone. If you are speaking to someone who works in a
similar industry as you, this could open the door for future collaboration.

How Has Fresno State Changed Since Graduation?

Everyone is always eager to talk about the new programs and exciting initiatives that their alma
mater is taking on. This question allows alumni to share their experiences with Fresno State and
provides an opportunity for everyone to reconnect with their collegiate pride.

What Are You Most Thankful For?

This is an insightful question that can bring about interesting stories. It reflects positive
thoughts and reminds people that there are many things to cherish in life. In addition, it will
help you better understand their current motivators in life.

What Is One New Skill You Have Learned Since Graduating?

This question not only shows interest in someone’s knowledge, but also illustrates your
willingness to learn new things (and builds your connection with them).

Do You Have Any Advice for a Current Fresno State Student?

It is easy to forget how far away the future seemed when you were back at Fresno State.
However, this question gives alumni a chance to share their insight with current students.
Sometimes, even the smallest pieces of advice can make a monumental difference for a current


When reconnecting with old friends, take time to get to know who they are today. Although it
is fun to reminisce about old memories, it is meaningful to be attentive to the changes that are
happening in the life of an old friend.

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