The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Christmas winter beauty woman. Charming girl with Christmas decoration on her head holds a gift box and smiles. The atmosphere of Christmas magic, sparkling lights around.

Last year’s gift for her isn’t 2022’s gift for her. Sure, when picking presents for that special lady,
the thought counts. But when the results become too predictable, your gift choice can go from
being the thought that counts to becoming the thought that counts against you.

When you randomly give gifts with no thought or effort whatsoever, guess what, it shows, and
she knows. So the point of presenting a present is to show her how much she means to you.

Take the time to use this 2022 holiday gift guide for her as inspiration to get the gears in your
imagination spinning and surprise your girlfriend, female friend, neighbor, fiancé, wife, sister, or
mother with that gift that they have never received from you, or anyone else for that matter.

Pamper her

Bring in the new year by giving your significant other the items to bring some of the soothing
sensations associated with a day at the spa right into her home. Essential oils from Bubbly Belle
assist with aromatherapy, using specific scents to improve her focus and mood and reduce her
stress levels.

There are essential oils that are also beneficial for sleeping, boosting her energy, and helping
out with motivation, sensuality, and immunity.

We overly stimulate our sense of sight with the hours of videos, still images, and written
information that we find online. We also are prone to juicing up our sense of hearing by
streaming our favorite music regularly. So why not show your lady a different sensation with
essential oils, a part of our five senses that don’t get paid enough attention to in our digitized

Best foot forward

When you try to stock up on some smaller holiday gifts to bundle up for your pregnant female
partner, she may appreciate a few fresh pairs of graduated compression socks.

If your first reaction is, why would she want socks in the world? Let her know these compression
socks help prevent blood clotting, which pregnant women are at a very high risk of receiving
without taking preventative measures. That factual explanation should help highlight just how
thoughtful and helpful your gift is.

Picture perfect pet

If your lady is an excellent guardian to her pet cat, why not get her a hilarious framed picture of
her cat that has been fashioned with human apparel, such as an astronaut suit, a cozy sweater,
or even royal garments that are fit for a queen, or in this case, a feline?

She can now have an extraordinary work of art that features her pet cat in an artistic
conversation piece because the look on her pet’s face brings up what cats think about?

Imagine if you could then turn around and tell her that cats and humans may have more in
common in the thinking department than we realize. Just how similar are we mentally?

Like human beings, cats also have four lobes in their brains’ cerebral cortex, the ability to gain
information from their senses of smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste, and also a short-term and
long-term memory.

Castor oil benefits

Castor oil can help moisturize her skin to defend it from dryness, remove blackheads, and
decrease the appearance of stretch marks, acne, and psoriasis, without clogging pores.

The Buy Wow brand offers healthy products, some of which are made with castor oil, known to
have antioxidant properties for medical and cosmetic reasons, making them a great holiday gift
for her.

If that wasn’t enough, great reasons to become a castor oil convert. How about the ability to
massage her scalp with castor oil can stimulate hair growth and reduce the chance of hair falling

Probiotic beverages

If you know that you are buying a holiday gift for someone concerned with their health and is
looking to bring in 2022 with a more robust immune system, instead of buying her alcoholic
beverages, consider turning her into a fan of tepache a fermented probiotic beverage.

This delicious Mexican drink happens to be organic, low in sugar, rich in vitamin C and vitamin
D and has less than 40 calories. Don’t forget to get her excited that Tepache is also made from
fresh pineapples and is an excellent solution for promoting digestion and gut health.

Decorations by Swarovski

Swarovski crystals are famous for many reasons. First, they have been around for over 100
years, starting in 1895. Also, Swarovski happens to be a multi-billion-dollar business that produces jewelry, crystal glass, and cool collectible accessories that the woman in your life can
truly appreciate.

Considering all of the established history and tradition associated with the Swarovski brand, this
gift conveys to her that she deserves special items that symbolize that your affection for her is
long-term and that she can have something to think about you when she glances at it.

You can find Swarovski crystal decorations in Christmas ornaments, cartoon figurines, flowers,
animals, Zodiac imagery, glasses, tableware, picture frames, magnets, and candleholders.

Crystal clear

Energy crystals are another form of crystals that the female you are buying a 2022 holiday gift
for may enjoy. For instance, the first quarter moon crystal is ‘fluorite’ and has a brilliant green
hue. The first quarter moon fluorite is meant for concentration and coping with challenges.

The Full Moon crystal is ‘rose quartz’ for blossoming and celebration, while the Waxing Gibbous
uses ‘black obsidian,’ which is meant for patience and commitment. These two qualities come in
handy when building a sturdy relationship.

Fabulous Fingernails

If you feel surprised every time you look down to admire your loving lady’s fingernails that
always happen to be a new dashing color, maybe it is time to let her just how much you
appreciate her attention to detail by purchasing her some fingernail art in the form of re-usable
Chillhouse press-on now in styles and colors you feel she would enjoy?

Apparel to party

Are you in a relationship with an open-minded woman that has expressed a desire for you both
to live a little bit on the wild side?

Maybe it is time to plan a memorable trip for just her and yourself, where you will have the total
privacy to get dressed in provocative attire in the rented temporary residence you have booked.
Help the lady of your life relive her past years when she was partying with her college friends by
purchasing her some memorable rave clothes designed to be for your eyes only.

You can also pick out a striking outfit that can be for anyone’s eyes and go out dancing together
in a town you have never been to and recapture your youth in public.

Personal Planner

What better gift for your significant other who may be busy taking college courses or building
her own startup company than helping her get her 2022 started right by giving her a personal
planner to keep her daily, weekly, and monthly activities organized?

Show her how much you support her in achieving her goals and managing her time to reach her
finish line successfully and complete everything that she starts in the new year.

Now that you have more than enough options to spice things up with your holiday gift selection
successfully make 2022 the year that you give a present that they will forever remember you by,
in a good way.

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