Understand Everything You Need to Know About GED From Best GED Classes

The Tests for General Educational Development or GED is one of the most coveted examinations by people across the United States of America. This is because it helps thousands of people who are not able to complete formal high school education to earn a diploma that is equivalent to a high school diploma. Those who have not enrolled in any high school and are above sixteen years old are eligible to apply for this high school equivalency examination. Since a GED does not have an upper age limit, you can take the test at any point in your adult life. There might be varied reasons why people are unable to complete their high school education. But having a high school level of education is an integral part of one’s eligibility to apply to colleges and universities for higher education. It is also important for getting jobs in different organizations. Since GED is as valid as any high school diploma, those who have successfully cleared this test can apply to different colleges for education or organizations for work using the proof of passing this examination. The level of difficulty involved in taking a GED is as much as that involved in getting a high school diploma. According to Steve Gory, the EdTech Strategist of BestGEDClasses.org, “the passing standards are set in a way that some forty per cent of high school grads would not pass the GED tests at the first try!”

BestGEDClasses.org has done impeccable and reliable research on the statistics of GED in all the 50 states of America. The article “GED Statistics-How Popular Is the GED Test In 50 States” elaborates well-researched insights about the popularity of GED across the country. According to this article, this exam is most popular in the states of Texas, Florida and Ohio with 132000, 131000 and 95000 Google searches respectively, that are related to GED. In addition to the statistics about GED, this article will help you understand the nature, subjects, fee and mode of the test. Acquiring a high school credential can happen in two ways – you can either get a high school diploma or the high school equivalency diploma. The former includes traditional high school, online high school and high school for adults while the latter includes GED, HiSET and TASC. The GED examination is the most popular and widely accepted of the three equivalency exams. It comprises four papers namely mathematical reasoning, science, social studies and reasoning through language arts. The areas under mathematical reasoning include number sense, algebra and geometry. Social studies cover US History, Government and Civics, Geography and Economics while science covers Life Science, Physics and Earth Science. Grammar, reading comprehension and essay writing are the areas included under language arts. You need to score at least 145 points in each of these subjects to earn your GED. Many online platforms provide GED coaching classes and practice tests that will help you pass this test on your first try. You can avail yourself of these resources before taking the GED.

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