Planning a Beach Vacation

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A beach vacation is perfect for family fun, reunions, and romantic getaways. Whether traveling with children or adults only, the beach offers something for everyone.

Planning where to stay is one of the most important aspects of a beach vacation. Do you prefer the amenities that come with a resort? Free meals, on-site bars, exercise rooms, and spas make guests feel special and pampered.

Maybe a rental bungalow would fit the bill better than a more commercial destination. Beaches usually have a variety of accommodations, including motels, hotels, and condos, depending on your budget and requirements.

Before booking a place to stay, check out reviews and recommendations. Then, decide if you want to be right on the water or within walking distance. For something more budget-friendly, opt for driving a mile to the beach. If you are meeting up with friends, this might be the way to go. A large house away from the beach can be rented for a lot less than waterfront properties.

Headed to the Atlantic Ocean? Garden City Beach is an excellent example of something off the beaten path but close enough to a big city to offer nightlife, shopping, and lots of fine dining.

Do you expect a heated pool or hot tub? Do you want to be near a golf course, marina, and fine restaurants? Maybe visiting souvenir shops, seafood buffets, and Tiki huts are on your to-do list. Beaches can be found with attractions, from shopping and eating to sports and cultural events.

If your beach vacation includes children and teenagers, look for theme parks, water parks, and zoos. You might even sneak in some learning experiences if you visit a city with museums, forts, and historical features. Young people also enjoy boat rides, scuba diving, fishing excursions, and other outdoor activities.

Is romance your goal? Then look for privacy and romantic hideaways. Pick a place off the beaten track to avoid crowds. Be sure that quiet restaurants and venues with dancing are available. Even local festivals can be entertaining and romantic if you are in love!

Packing for your vacation is also important. Don’t forget swimsuits, sun hats, sunscreen, sandals, a good book, and anything else you need daily, including medicine and toiletries. Walking shoes, coolers, bicycles, umbrellas, and lawn chairs are good to have if you drive and have extra stuff. Finally, don’t forget to pack a bongo drum if you have one. Many beaches offer public drum circles at sunset. This can give tourists a chance to meet local people and experience something new.

If you are traveling with pets, be sure to book a place that allows your furry friends. Most motels and rentals do accept pets, but they may charge a small fee. Some beaches don’t allow dogs, so check before you go. It might be best to leave Fido at home if possible.

Beaches are always a great place to go on vacation. Planning can prevent lots of headaches, so be sure to do your homework. Research the destination and ask your friends about their travel experiences. Hope you have a good one, bon voyage!

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