Lawyer Jeremy Diamond: Fighting for Personal Injury Victims Rights

An accident at work or on the road can cause irreparable damages to victims. In addition, personal injury victims can suffer mental and emotional trauma from the experience.

Jeremy Diamond is helping personal injury victims by providing outstanding legal services. His commitment to helping people makes him a champion for personal injury victims.

Who Is Jeremy Diamond?

Jeremy Diamond has been leading Diamond & Diamond Lawyers for several years. He’s a member of several legal organizations, including the:

● Canadian Bar Association

● Law Society of Upper Canada

● American Bar Association

● State Bar of Florida

After Canada changed its advertising laws in 1987, Diamond boosted marketing efforts for the firm.

He led the expansion of the firm to grow across several Canadian provinces. Diamond also extended the firm’s legal services to include civil litigation and immigration.

Under Diamond, the firm handled wills and estates, class actions, and real estate. The company’s expansion efforts included the establishment of a Miami office.

How Diamond Helped Personal Injury Victims

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers prides itself on lending an ear to personal injury victims. 

In 2014, Diamond called for the enforcement of mandatory helmet laws for skateboarders. This was after a teenager from Brantford died from a skateboarding injury.

The same year, the law firm sued York University for failing to prioritize student safety. This lawsuit follows after a shooting at the university food court injured students. 

The firm supported eight students in a $20.5 million lawsuit.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers also takes up cases that people won’t always be reading on the front page.

In 2015, the law firm helped Tawfiqul Alam. Alam was an UberX driver who was T-boned by a red-light runner. The incident sent Alam and his passenger to the hospital. Unfortunately, the accident also totaled his minivan.

In 2019, Diamond’s firm filed a $500 million lawsuit against the makers of Roundup. 

The product is a herbicide that contains the chemical ingredient glyphosate. The firm alleged that the chemical could cause various health risks.

In 2015, the cancer research arm of the WHO stated that the chemical may be carcinogenic. There’s also strong evidence that the chemical can damage the DNA.

In 2018, the firm partnered with two other injury firms to take on Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation and  Extendicare.

The lawsuit followed after family members reported “disgusting” neglect from the care facilities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Diamond organized several class-action lawsuits against nursing home providers. 

Revera and Sienna Senior Living, Inc. are some of the defendants of the $100 million lawsuit. The suit is considered the largest COVID-19 related class-action in Canada.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

Compassion and dedication made Diamond and Diamond Lawyers the firm it is today. 

With Jeremy Diamond at the helm, Diamond and Diamond have helped a lot of personal injury victims.

The law firm has increased public awareness about personal injury law. 

Diamond and Diamond Lawyers helped the public know their rights. It also gave individuals the ability to protect themselves.

The firm’s popular cases highlight its commitment to helping clients. Its lawyers aim to provide clients with the representation and care they deserve.  This makes them champions not only to personal injury victims but to people in need of their help.

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