Simplify Your Skincare Routine With These Tips

Woman Applying Facial Cream

Life is simply better when you can live minimally. As a result, this last decade, trends have shifted towards embracing quality over quantity when it comes to all things in our life—food, clothing, and even skincare products.

For years the beauty industry has been pumping out an abundance of products that claim we need to be using them. From sunscreen to toners, masks, wash, and lotion, it seems that the list never ends for the items we need to add to our daily skincare routine. But the odds are not all would have worked for your unique skin, and many would not do the job you thought they would—leaving them to rot at the back of your bathroom cabinet.

Wasted skincare products are both an environmental and economic problem that has plagued the skincare industry for years until Atolla created a way for people to make a customized skincare routine with products formulated specifically for an individual and their unique skin.

The ability to simplify your skincare routine has never been easier than it is now, with a range of ways to keep your routine simple, effective and affordable—with the added benefit of nearly zero wastage too!

How exactly can you simplify your skincare routine, though? We have gathered up the top tips to follow. As a result, you too can benefit from simplified skincare!

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Current Skin

Before you even get started with simplifying your skincare routine, take a step back and evaluate where your skin is currently at. What products do you now use on your skin? How many products are involved in your daily skincare routine? And how long have you been using this same routine? Once you assess this, give yourself an actual skin test. By using a range of strips and accessing an online esthetician, you will be able to understand more about your skin currently and establish goals to work towards.

Tip 2: Stop Buying Products from the Grocery Store

While there are aisles filled with skincare products from reputable brands, the chances are that these were designed for the masses—not for you specifically. While it is tempting to get the latest skincare product that you’ve seen advertised all over Instagram and from all the influencers you follow, it does not mean that they are the best for you specifically. So instead of roaming the aisles testing out the trendiest brand names, instead go with the online skincare companies who can customize a unique skincare formula just for you. By doing this, you will quickly start simplifying the number of products you are using.

Tip 3: Get Into a Quality Routine

You likely don’t need to be using all your skincare products morning, afternoon, and evening. Instead, you should schedule an online call with an expert esthetician and discuss the best time of day to use specific products. Doing this will prolong the life of your skincare products and ensure that when you do use them, it is getting the biggest bang for its buck. Plus, if you have the right skincare products for you, there should only be a few products in the routine rather than a whole long line-up that takes over your bathroom counter.

Tip 4: Sign Up to Subscription Skincare

Rather than just go through your skincare products until it runs out and then be left risking missing a day of your routine or not being able to re-stock on the exact product you are after immediately, you can sign up for a subscription service. This means that based on the advice given with how much of your customized skincare products to use, it will estimate when you will need a re-fill and automatically schedule it accordingly. This not only simplifies your to-do list for looking after your skin but ensures you will never have to miss a day without having the exact skincare formula you need.

Tip 5: Let Your Lifestyle Do the Work Too

Not only should you simplify your skincare product list, but you should simplify your lifestyle so that you can always ensure you are hydrated, well-nourished, and get a quality eight hours of sleep each night. These lifestyle habits will do a lot of the heavy lifting for your skin, meaning that your skincare products can shine when you apply them to your skin.

These five tips are sure to help you simplify your skincare routine. As a result, not only will you achieve your skin goals, but you will also enjoy having a more sustainable routine that reduces the wasted products you once had too many of.

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