How To Leverage Technology To Make New Friends During Your First Year At CSU Fresno

There is quite a lot to be said about the higher education experience. Over the years, pursuing higher education has been something that has become more and more popular as a decision for students from across the board and around the globe. The decision to pursue further academic experience is something that is not to be taken lightly and for many students, the transition period in being a new student and finding their footing can be overwhelming, to say the least. For some students, it can be easier than it is for others.

Either way, it is important to understand and appreciate the fact that this is very much an experience that over the years has become both easier and more challenging in turn. An interesting paradox, it is exciting to recognise the advancement and enhancement of the experience as well as the point of recognition that can take the experience from one strength to the next with relative ease and transparency. Today, that has never been such an important pursuit. And it continues to gain valuable momentum even, and especially, today.

Navigating an all-new life experience

The very core of higher education is to challenge students to do their best while also giving them the tools and the opportunity to be able to prove that they are willing and able to put in the hard work to be better than they were the day before. It is quite an exciting experience and while it definitely comes hand in hand with its own challenges, it also presents a unique opportunity for individuals to be able to better themselves in ways that are both tangible and rewarding not only in the moment but on an active and ongoing basis.

Successfully pursuing balance as a student

Achieving and maintaining a successful balance in life as a student can be quite an overwhelming process, to say the least. The successful balance and pursuit of balance as a student is all about understanding that you are only as good as you allow yourself to be and so while your girls and grades are indeed important, it is also important to focus on yourself and your own health and wellbeing. When you were healthy and happy, you were able to turn out your best possible work and this can only prove to be a distinct advantage to yourself and your academic journey throughout the years.

Utilising tech to make new friends at CSU Fresno

One of the ways to achieve and maintain balance is to make friends. And making friends can be overwhelming in-and-of-itself. Sometimes, it can be easier said than done to make friends during  University and especially during your first year. Sometimes, the best possible way to be able to do that is to embrace the technologies available and allow them to assist you in being able to find your circle and the people that you connect with on campus. Whether it is signing up for the hottest LGBTQ+ dating apps or using online study groups to be able to connect with other students in your classes, using text to make new friends at university is one of the best ways for you to be able to pursue and achieve balance while also effectively creating a place you feel comfortable and finding the people that you connect with the most, the ones that can turn into lifelong friends.

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