Essentials For New Dog Owners

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Congratulations on your new pup! If this is your first time as a dog parent, you have come to the right place! If you are about to bring a new dog home, it’s best to prepare ahead of time. Here are some essential items to know and some important supplies to buy as a new dog owner.

Establish a Routine

When your new puppy or dog is set to arrive, make sure that you have already established a routine for your new pet to follow, and have set aside some time for the first few days to help acclimate your dog to its new home. Some dogs may be excited or even overwhelmed by this new transition, so it is important to be patient and consistent during the first week. Try to keep things calm, feed and walk your dog daily, and have some fun playing with your new pup. Introducing a new toy or a soft blanket during this first week is a great way to start establishing a bond with your new dog, and will help it start to feel at home as well.

Tips For Naming Your New Pet

Choosing a name for your new dog is very exciting. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a name already picked out before you bring your dog home. Many people, actually prefer waiting a few days, so that they can interact with their new dog and see its behaviors. There are many cute pet names out there, and it may be fun to test a few out on your new pup, and then see which one grows on you the most.

Setting Up A Comfy Sleeping Spot

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for you, and for your dog as well. Nobody likes waking up with dark circles around your eyes. This is why setting up a comfortable sleeping spot for your new dog to call home is so important. 

Pet beds provide many benefits such as keeping your dog warm, supporting their joints and preventing calluses. Some dogs may love to jump in bed with you to settle down for the night, but giving your dog its own space is also very important for them to have. If your dog’s space is in another room, setting up a dog camera is a great option to give you more peace of mind at night. They also provide convenience if you’d like to check in on your pup or get updates on how your dog is doing when you are at work or out of the house.

Food For Dogs

We all love food, and it is critical to set up the right diet for your new four-legged friend. The amount of food you should give your dog will largely depend on the size, breed, and age of your dog, as well as how much exercise your dog gets. It’s important to make sure that you aren’t overfeeding or underfeeding your new dog. If you have questions about your dog’s diet, you should follow up with the vet and have them assess your dog’s diet and nutrition. 

As far as the different types of dog food available, dry food and wet food are the two primary types of food available for dogs. Most dogs prefer wet food, as it has more moisture and is usually more flavorful. Opting for dry kibble, on the other hand, is generally less expensive than wet food, it is easier to store and portion out, and it stays good longer than most wet dog foods. However, many dog owners actually prefer to give their dogs a mixed diet, which combines feeding their dogs both wet and dry food. Table food is generally a no-no for dogs, as this can cause tummy problems for your pup.

There are also some foods that should be kept away from your dog including:

● Chocolate

● Milk

● Onions and Garlic

● Citrus

● Fatty Foods

● Salty Foods

So while many of these foods are common in households and safe for people to eat, they are not safe for dogs and should be kept out of reach.

Dog Walking Supplies

Most dogs love going for walks outside, in the neighborhood, or playing at the dog park. There are some important supplies you’ll need when taking your new dog on a walk. Finding a collar and leash for your dog will help to make sure they stay with you, and out of trouble. Carrying poop bags with you will also come in handy if your dog needs to make a pit stop along the way. If you want to try out the local dog park, it’s also important to have some durable outdoor clothing for all elements, and to keep an umbrella in the car, just in case it starts to rain. When transporting your new pet in your vehicle, it is also smart to have car scratch remover, just in case those excited puppy dog paws accidentally graze your car.

Dog Care and Grooming

Every dog is unique and so are its grooming needs. Dogs are typically very clean animals and need daily hair brushing, the occasional nail clipping, and haircuts. There are also a number of valuable dog care services that cover everything from grooming, training, and wellness.

Going To The Vet

It is also important to have your dog examined by a veterinarian on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy. If you start to notice that your dog has been itching or wheezing lately, you may be wondering what this is, or do allergies cause fever? Dogs can actually suffer from hay fever, just like humans, and so finding a local vet for your new dog to visit is critical to keeping them safe.

In general, all dogs should visit the vet for a complete physical checkup at least once per year. These wellness exams help you to learn about how your dog is growing and developing, and it also gives you time to address any problems that your dog may be experiencing at home, and find appropriate treatment. For example, If your dog suffers from neuropathic pain or seizures, you should consider asking your vet about CBD for dogs, or other available treatments. It is also important to get your pup the appropriate dog vaccinations they need, in order to protect your dog from any dangerous diseases.

Bathroom Essentials

Finding the right bathroom essentials for your dog will help them to feel comfortable in their new home. Depending on the type of home you have, there are a number of different options for setting up a dog potty area. If your home has a backyard, you can create a designated potty area in the grass for your dog. If you live in an apartment, setting up some potty pads or even some grassy turf in your bathroom or balcony may be another good option. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own dog potty area by using materials such as pea gravel, edging, and rocks. The most important thing to remember when creating this area is to give your dog a designated space of its own. 

In Conclusion

After going through this list of essential tips for new dog owners, your dog should feel very welcome in your home. Remember, it may take time for your dog to adjust to the new environment, but you will both soon settle into a routine. Follow these tips and be patient with the process, and your dog will acclimate to its new home in no time!

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