5 Tips For Streamlining Your Smartphone

Keeping your mobile device running at peak performance is a must in the age of smart tech and fast wifi. Whether you are using your smartphone for sportweddenschappen or professional work, keeping your device streamlined and lag-free can make a significant impact on your professional/social life.

Skip glitches and load times with these 5 tips on streamlining your smartphone.

Keep a Clear Home Screen

Your home screen is the central hub of all phone work. It’s the first sight you see when unlocking the screen but can quickly be cluttered by all your apps and widgets. Make the first sight you see a calming one, and keep a minimalist theme with your homepage.

Place only your most essential apps here for quick and easy access. Avoid folders, as they are quick to clutter as well. Consider keeping a clock or small calendar pop out here as well, letting you get a quick glance at all your plans whenever you open your cell.

Prioritize Notifications

Whether it’s amazon alerting you of discounts or Facebook updates, every app has notifications attached to it. You don’t need to be alerted to everything, though. Excess alerts not only stress you out but take up battery and processing power to run checks.

Adjust notifications from your settings to keep alerts on for apps you need updates this most. This can include social media, email, banking, and any professional apps that require your immediate attention. Everything else can be silenced for some peace of mind.

Simplify Settings

A common mistake made by many smartphones users is leaving unneeded features running. Things like GPS location, Bluetooth, and data will run in the background even when you aren’t using them. These are major battery vampires and can significantly slow your phone if you aren’t careful.

Shortcuts to these features can be placed on most phones, allowing for quick on/off functions. That way, your phone won’t constantly try to connect to every Bluetooth speaker around when you are out on the town.

Banish Bloatware

Bloatware is defined as unneeded, pre-installed apps that clog up your storage and run in the background to slow your device. Every phone suffers from it, but many users fail to notice how bloatware affects your phone. Though not initially harmful, they can be installed by third-party providers with malware concerns.

Manage your apps through settings and find anything you don’t remember downloading. Bloatware takes many forms, like shopping apps, generic calendars, or foreign fitness trackers that you never purchased. Cleaning bloatware gives you back storage space and processing power you need for tasks you use the most.

Does This App Bring You Joy?

The Marie Kondo method is useful in decluttering your life, but did you know it can also help declutter your phone? We all have apps downloaded that we don’t use anymore. Think about the old games you never play, social media you don’t log into, or those meditation apps you swore to use but never did.

If the app doesn’t bring you joy, toss it in the garbage. If you aren’t using it now, you likely won’t need it later. This keeps your phone clean and ready to run the apps you really work with.


Streamlining is all about prioritizing. Help your phone run faster, stronger, and smarter by decluttering, rearranging, and shutting down what you don’t need.

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