What Kind Of Job Can I Get If I Speak Another Language?

Young people often know that they want to attend college and university, but many of them don’t know what they want to do with their degree. In fact, according to a study carried out in the UK, more than 50% of students weren’t sure what career path to take. The research from All About Careers found that 52% of students either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I have no idea what I want to do with my career.” On top of this, 44% of the 37,000 British undergraduates surveyed were unable to say which industry they wanted to work in.

Of course, no one can blame a student for not knowing exactly what they want to do after they graduate. However, the data shows that a lot of people don’t even know where to begin. With that being true, one solution is to give yourself as many options as possible. Yes, you might be studying economics but don’t limit yourself to the field. This is where learning a second language can be useful.

Students can get discounted access to one-to-one online courses in French, German, Spanish, and other languages. These courses are split into blocks and provide personalized teaching for all levels. Having access to a global network of native speakers makes it easier to learn another language and, in turn, create more career opportunities. So, let’s say you wanted to pursue a career in economics, but you don’t know exactly where to focus your efforts.

If you learn a second language, you could work as a translator for a financial company. Alternatively, you could teach economics abroad. By enhancing your linguistic skills, you can open more doors within your chosen field or, if you prefer, open doors outside of your comfort zone. The point here is that you can give yourself more options by becoming a polyglot. For those of you in need of some inspiration, here are four jobs you can shoot for if you learn another language.

1. Teacher

The obvious career for anyone who knows more than one language is to teach. As well as inspiring the next generation and nurturing young minds, teaching can take you around the world. Becoming a foreign language teacher is a great way to see new countries, experience different cultures, and get paid for it.

2. Translator and Interpreter

Market research and consultancy company Nimdzi Insights calculated that the global translation market was worth over $54 billion in 2020. This follows on from CSA Research’s finding that the outsourced language service market grew by 6.6% between 2018 and 2019. For all intents and purposes, the translation and interpretation sectors are growing and that means there are job opportunities aplenty.

3. Hospitality Manage

The hospitality industry is all about communicating with people from all walks of life. Learning another language is not only a great way to achieve this aim but to make yourself a more desirable employee in the hospitality sector. If you can communicate with people who speak other languages, you’ve already got an advantage on the competition. And, according to language expert Ryan McMunn, speaking a second language can help you earn up to 15% more in the workplace.

4. Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists are responsible for a myriad of tasks. However, the core skills you need in this type of role are an ability to communicate with members of staff at all levels of a company, an ability to develop training protocols, and an ability to recruit the best people. To the last point, if you’re able to speak two or more languages, you can cast your net much further than the average human resources specialist.

For example, if you can speak German and English, you can recruit the best candidates from Germany, the US, and the UK. That’s something an employer will value. Making yourself more desirable as an employee will give you more options in the job market. In turn, this should give you more direction as you approach the end of your studies.  

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