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Whether you’re trying to buy rims online or find the best skincare for combination skin, some questions are just burning to be answered. Of course, there’s no way we could answer all of them. But here are six of the most commonly asked questions across all categories. Some of these may surprise you.

How Do You Write MIDI Chord Progressions?

Most guides on how to write MIDI chord progressions will go over the basics. They’ll talk about how to construct a chord or how to program it into your computer. But even if you’re an experienced musician, it can be tough to write MIDI progressions that sound natural. For example, you can take the combined works of Mozart, program them perfectly, and still get an uncomfortably robotic result.

The problem is that a robot is playing the chords. There’s no fluidity or variation in how the notes are played. Real people don’t play an instrument that way. In practice, musicians play most chords in a staggered fashion. On a guitar or other stringed instrument, that’s the only way to play one.

So, how do you make your MIDI progressions sound natural? The answer is to introduce some of that variation. If you’re using a keyboard, intentionally stagger some of your chords a bit, so it registers in the software. If you’re inputting notes using your mouse, build some chords as arpeggios rather than simple block chords. This can bring your electronic music to life.

How Do You Talk to Someone With Dementia

How to talk to someone with dementia depends mainly on how far along the condition has progressed. It makes a big difference whether or not they can speak, what they can remember, and what kind of physical condition they’re in. That said, there are a few basics that apply across the board.

To begin with, make sure the person can see and hear you. A person with dementia may have trouble understanding your voice alone. If they can see your mouth moving, they’ll have an easier time putting together what you’re saying. Along the same lines, it helps if you’re at eye level instead of towering over them. Stay as close to them as possible, and speak slowly and clearly.

When you’re talking, remember that you’re talking to an adult. It’s easy to use baby talk and can even feel natural, but try to avoid that. Instead, take your time, and pause between sentences so the person can process what you’re saying. This will also give them an opportunity to respond if they have anything to say.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text message marketing seems simple on its face; you put together a lead list, then send them text messages. But best practices for text message marketing are a bit more complicated than that.

But text messaging is just one of many marketing channels, and like any other channel, it needs to work as part of an overall marketing plan. So the first thing to do isn’t to start coming up with snappy marketing texts. Instead, the first thing to do is figure out how text messaging will fit into your company’s overall strategy.

The thing about getting a text is that it’s highly personal. This can work to your benefit, or it can work against you. On the one hand, it’s a great way to follow up with customers during or after an interaction. On the other hand, texting makes it easy to update customers on an order status or send a receipt or a customer service survey. GrubHub, for example, is notorious for texting multiple times during each transaction.

On the other hand, a text can also feel invasive. If someone has never heard of you, they’re not going to be happy about your offer. They’re going to be creeped out that they’re getting texts from a random number. As a result, texting is a terrible way of making initial contact. Stick to using it for existing customers.

How Do Record Players Work?

If you’ve got a stack of old vinyl laying around, you might find yourself wondering how record players work. Their method of operation is straightforward.

Fundamentally, the sound is just a set of pressure waves in the air. Depending on the frequency and intensity of the pressure waves, we hear different noises. When a record is first recorded, the tiny engraving needle vibrates in response to the sound waves. This etches a set of bumps and grooves into the top of the record. That original, “master” copy can then be replicated as many times as necessary.

When you put your copy on a turntable, the sequence works in reverse. The flexible, sensitive stylus bumps up and down as it moves through the track and the record. This sequence corresponds to a set of sound waves, which are then pumped out of your speaker.

How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Fitted sheets are great for comfort. They flex over a mattress’ irregular shape, so there aren’t any uncomfortable grooves or creases. But, unfortunately, they’re a nightmare to fold up and store. Here’s how to fold a fitted sheet, so it stacks up neatly in your linen closet:

First, take your sheet, and turn it around in your hands until you’ve located all four corners. Next, turn the sheet inside out, and put your hands inside the corners where the seams come to an end. You should now be holding the sheet by the top two corners, with the rest of the sheet facing you.

Bring your right hand to your left, or the other way around if you’re left-handed. Fold the right corner right side in, so it flips back over the left. Adjust the corners until they’re neatly aligned. Now, the sheet should be hanging from your left hand (or your right hand, for southpaws). The bottom corners should be hanging loosely by your feet.

Using your free hand, tuck the bottom corners inside each other as you did with the top corners. Now, rotate the sheet 90 degrees, and hold both corners up, one in each hand. Next, tuck one pair inside the other, just as you did with the individual corners. Align them all, lay down the sheet, and fold it into halves or quarters depending on your needs.

How Do You Blow Dry Your Hair?

If you want to know how to blow dry hair, the process is relatively simple. The main thing is to brush your hair for about five minutes before you start. This will smooth it out, stimulate oil production, and even out any moisture. Of course, take your time to wet your hair down first, too.

Typically, you want to do this directly after a shower. Your hair will already be wet, and it will be clean and freshly conditioned. This will help keep hot air from damaging your hair. If you need to detangle, do that in the shower as well. It’s easier in a wet environment, and your pores will still be open and producing more skin oil.

Alternatively, you could outsource work to a hairstylist. They’ll shampoo your hair for you, and you’ll get to relax and enjoy the experience.

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