iPaaS and Its Impact on Consulting and Higher Education

Businesses and organizations across the world process a lot of data on a daily basis. Whether it’s sales numbers, marketing outreach, or student information tracking, each company is going to have its own set of data that needs to be integrated and understood. This is why many business users will rely on data integration and analysis to get a good grasp on the big picture of their organization.

Integration is the key component to come up with the most efficient structure. Without cloud integration, your data will be separated and hard to access in the capacities you need. An integrated platform allows your team members to keep up with the workflow in consistent ways and in one centralized location. Whether you need simple data management or you want to go for scalability, this is the best practice to do so for most businesses or organizations. One area that you may not think of right away that can utilize this technology is within the world of higher education. Getting students to commit to your university is no easy task, and integration can certainly help your admissions office keep up with the increased demands. Let’s take a closer look at integration platforms as a service and how this can benefit your work with higher education.

What is iPaaS?

Before we can analyze its impact, you need to understand what exactly iPaaS is. This acronym stands for integration platform as a service, which is a cloud-based service that connects your data, applications, and processes in one place. Rather than having to scrounge around for information, you can go through your cloud integration iPaaS vendor and see all the information you need in one centralized location. This transforms your data and your workflow by moving data between applications and connectors without you having to do so manually. With iPaaS solutions, you’re setting up your company for success, and the same goes for higher education.

Higher education is a complex world of deadlines and requirements.

When it comes to applying for higher education, whether that’s business school or your undergrad, there are a lot of pieces that go into a complete application. These pieces may even come from different areas like your transcripts coming directly from the high school, letters of recommendation coming from mentors, and your personal statement being written in a separate area. There’s a lot that goes into admissions decisions, and students and admissions committees alike have to stay on top of it.

Many students will even hire consultants to help with MBA admissions deadlines and other technicalities of applying for business school. These professionals have years of experience giving admissions committees what they want, so they can help students adapt. But as an admissions committee, you have a lot to keep track of as well.

Admissions offices need to stay integrated.

To stay on top of all the incoming information, you need to stay integrated. With iPaaS solutions, you can keep all this data from a variety of students in one centralized location. Gone are the days of physically reading different files to make each connection. With the help of an iPaaS vendor, you can get the insights you need right at your fingertips. Not only does this help with submitted applications, but you can also see data on what schools you’re reaching out to and what your application numbers look like. With so many schools out there, you want to find ways to make your higher education university stand out as much as possible. Integration platforms may be the answer to staying organized and ready to welcome the next generation of learners.

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