Fresno State students elect D’Aungillique Jackson as next ASI president

Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias (left) and Fresno State NAACP President D’Aungillique Jackson (right) helping contribute to the Black Lives Matter painting in front of City Hall on June 18, 2020. (Anthony De Leon/The Collegian)

D’Aungillique Jackson, president of the Fresno State NAACP chapter, was announced as the next ASI president following the conclusion of the 2021-2022 Associated Students Inc. (ASI) election.

Jackson won the position of ASI president with a 192-vote margin winning the seat from candidates Isabella O’Keeffe, Nicholas Moore and Steven Hensley.

Jackson received 535 votes, O’Keeffe received 275, Moore received 343 and Hensley received 121. There were six write-in candidates and 26 abstaining votes.

Jackson celebrated their victory over social media posts thanking her supporters and displaying enthusiasm for the upcoming semester. 

“Thank you so much to all who voted! I am excited to bring in this new school year with bold new ideas and fresh energy. Together, we’re going to do some big things, bulldogs. A huge thank you and congratulations to all of the candidates who decided to run this year! You are all so brave. Most importantly, thank you to everyone who has supported me up until this point. I won’t let you down,” Jackson said on Instagram.

Vice President of External Affairs 

Caroline Alvarez, a second-year nursing major, won the office of vice president of external affairs with a 117-vote margin beating candidates Alison Garibay, Elijah Banda and Kobe Martinez-Moore.

Alvarez received 469 votes, Garibay received 352, Banda received 322 and Martinez-Moore received 108. There were three write-in candidates and 52 abstaining votes.

Alvarez told The Collegian she was excited and shocked for her new post as vice president of external affairs.

“Well I was equally as excited and shocked when I heard my name called. It was nice to know that campaigning paid off and I now have the opportunity to increase voter awareness and participation to help increase diversity and strengthen the student voice,” Alvarez said.

Vice President of Finance

Julia Larralde, senator at-large and third-year business major, won the office of vice president of finance with a 547-vote margin beating candidate Hue Xiong.

Larralde received 896 votes, and Hue Xiong received 349. There were four write-in votes and 57 abstaining votes.

ASI Election Background

The results of the 2021-2022 Associated Students Inc. (ASI) election were announced on Thursday by election commissioner Kayleigh O’Connor in a Facebook livestream.

The ASI election concluded amidst a global pandemic and a student population who remained at home for the better part of over a year into their educational careers.

Unlike previous years, this election held a different tone than last year as the university begins to transition from a primarily virtual environment to in-person classes for the upcoming fall 2021 semester.

There remains a level of uncertainty as to what the repopulation of the Fresno State campus would entail due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 became the focal point of the 2021-2022 ASI election as topics of education inequalities, student involvement and the safe repopulation of the Fresno State campus took center stage.

Total Voter Turnout

In the all-virtual 2021-2022 ASI election, 1,309 students participated in the election making up roughly 5.77% of the 22,670 total students at the university. 

Unlike the previous election, the 2021-2022 ASI election received 7.69% less voter turnout compared to the previous election in which 2,991 students voted.

This is the third consecutive election in which student turnout for the ASI elections has fallen. The 2020-2021 ASI election received 13.46% student turnout, and the 2020-2019 ASI election received 15.01% student turnout.

Listed below are the results of the 2021-2022 ASI election. The votes were tallied by the League of Women Voters.

President: D’Aungillique Jackson (535 Votes)

Vice President of External Affairs: Caroline Alvarez (469 Votes)

Vice President of Finance: Julia Larralde (896 Votes)

College of Arts and Humanities: Aidan Garaygordobil (53 votes)

Craig School of Business: Nigel Vigan (151 votes)

Jordan College of Ag Sciences and Technology: Ashleigh Sorensen (112 votes)

Lyles College of Engineering: Maria-Alexandra Leon (69 votes)

College of Science and Mathematics: Jacqueline Campos Ledemzma (236 votes)

College of Social Sciences: Allison Gallardo (83 Votes)

Senators At-Large (Top 11): Alysa Garaygordobil, Anou Vang, Breanna Aguilar, David Klein, Federico Madera, Gabriel Parra, Jose Medina III, Karen M. Carrillo, Kristine Kemmer, Megan Torres, Samarpreet Kaur

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