How to Increase Your Career Prospects Online

The internet offers many career opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are struggling to find a job, want to increase your skillset, or eager to climb the ladder in your field, you could improve your employability online.

Don’t sit back and wait for an opportunity to come to you. Take your professional development into your own hands. Read these top tips on how to increase your career prospects online.

Enroll in an Online Degree Program

Earning a degree is easier than ever, thanks to the many online programs available. There is a course to match every passion, interest, and skillset, and they can fit around your busy schedule. For example, if you are a registered nurse, you could enroll in an rn to bsn program to become a charge nurse or registered nurse supervisor.

As an rn to bsn degree and similar programs are 100% online, you can boost your skills at a time and pace that matches your lifestyle. Plus, most online universities will allow students to complete and submit their coursework via the internet, too. So, there is no time like the present to enroll in a reputable program to boost your knowledge and improve your employability.

Whether you are looking for a career in healthcare, business, social care, human services, or education, you could find a flexible degree program to match your needs.

Browse Job Boards

If you are unsure about a career path, browse job boards to learn about different roles in your town or city. It will not only provide an insight into your region’s job market, but it could help you to discover an exciting occupation. Plus, reading job specifications for your dream role could help identify the qualifications, experience, and soft skills you will need.

For instance, if you can imagine yourself as a charge nurse, you will need to become a licensed nursing professional first. To do so, you must earn a nursing degree and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. You could then complete an rn to bsn degree to secure a role as a charge nurse, but you will often need at least three years of nursing under your belt. 

Write and Edit an Impressive Resume

The internet can help every ambitious professional create a professional, clean, and easy-to-read resume. If you have next to no experience writing an impressive resume, you will be happy to learn that Microsoft Word provides many attractive templates to match different industries.

However, it is essential to read and redraft your resume for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you fail to do so, an employer might believe you don’t have great attention to detail and will not invite you to an interview. While Microsoft Word has an editing feature, you could spot errors and formatting mistakes with ease using online writing editor tools, such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. 

Also, there are many fantastic resume checking services available online. A professional eye could spot skills you have failed to add, or they could fix incorrect employment dates. Plus, they will know the best format for shining a spotlight on your career history, from showcasing a qualification, such as rn to bsn degree, to promoting your volunteer experience or publications.

Create an Engaging LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can help professionals from various industries network with others, raise their profile, and find new job opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you work in marketing, IT, human resources, healthcare, or recruitment; you could improve your career prospects by signing up to the site.

Remember, LinkedIn can serve as an online resume. For this reason, you must write an engaging summary about who you are and what you can do, which can improve your credibility. Plus, keep it updated with your latest work experience, skills, and qualifications. So, if you have recently graduated, don’t forget to update your profile with your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or a nursing degree, such as rn to bsn. It could help a potential employer find you online and invite you to an interview.

If you are unsure how to create an impressive profile, analyze the pages of successful, experienced professionals you admire. It could help you create a standout profile that will grab a hiring manager’s attention and increase your credibility in an industry.

Publish an Insightful Blog

Highlight your knowledge, skills, and experience by writing an industry blog. Building an online presence will not only improve your credibility but could open doors to various opportunities throughout your career. A well-written, insightful blog that offers fresh industry perspectives could wow a hiring manager. Plus, it will look great on your resume, as it will highlight your passion and showcase your understanding of a sector.

Make a Professional Portfolio

Creatives must make a portfolio to showcase their works. If you are a photographer, writer, graphic designer, or web developer, a portfolio will shine a spotlight on your finest projects to-date. Some employers will not consider a candidate without a portfolio, which could hold them back in their career. So, if you want to be taken seriously in an industry, you must create a professional portfolio on the likes of:

  • Duda
  • Behand
  • Dribbble
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Cargo
  • Flickr

Go Freelance

If you are struggling to climb the ladder or your resume is often rejected, consider working for yourself. A quick browse of the internet and you will find that many businesses are hiring skilled freelancers from different fields.

Popular freelance options include:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Web design
  • Business consultancy
  • Digital marketing

As a freelancer, you can secure clients, set your own rates, and work at a pace that matches your lifestyle. 

There are many fantastic websites to help kickstart your career, such as:

  • Upwork
  • People Per hour
  • Elance
  • Guru

Plus, you can browse various job boards to choose from many freelance or contractor roles.

Follow Industry Experts Online

Grow your knowledge and skills by learning from the most successful professionals in your field. Many industry leaders often publish informative blogs, guest articles, email newsletters, and social media posts, which you would be wise to follow.

Thanks to their unique insight or advice, you could adopt a different approach when tackling a problem, gain a new perspective on a subject, or embark on a recommend course that could change your outlook and career.

Sign-up to industry experts’ mailing lists, follow them on social media and monitor their blogs to ensure you never miss out on an important tip or trick. Their advice could increase your expertise and help you stand out at work.

Staying updated on the latest news, trends, and research could increase your authority on specific subjects. As a result, you could become a go-to source for advice and opinions, which could help a company make more informed decisions. It is an effective way to raise your profile and place yourself in line for a promotion.

Set-Up Google Alerts

Give yourself a head start over other candidates by setting up Google Alerts for specific job roles and brands. If a role becomes available at your dream company, you will receive an email notification to apply for the vacancy. 

Also, you could set-up Google Alerts to discover articles related to your industry or degree program. For example, if you have enrolled in an rn to bsn degree program, you could stay up to date on the latest nursing news, advice, and healthcare regulations, which will support your studies. 

Don’t forget to use different keywords to ensure you don’t miss out on an interesting article or vacancy. For example, you could set-up alerts for “rn to bsn degrees” or “charge nurse”.

Apply for a Job Via a Company’s Website

Some companies don’t advertise vacancies on recruitment websites. It is often due to a small recruitment budget or because a brand often receives direct applications from candidates. 

If you have your heart set on working for a specific company or are struggling to find vacancies on job boards, visit a company’s website to review their vacancies. Even if they aren’t recruiting right now, send over your resume and ask the brand to keep it on file. You never know; your impressive education and experience could convince a manager to invite you to an interview. You have nothing to lose and a better career to gain.

Search for Local Networking Groups

Boost your career prospects by downloading the Google Meetups app to your mobile device. It can introduce you to various networking groups near you, which are organized online. 

Once you have found a group that matches your field and interests, you must get in touch with the organizer, and they will accept you into the group. You can then attend the networking group offline to enjoy informal chats, mentoring sessions, lectures, and days out. It is a great way to connect with people inside your industry who could influence your career.

If you can’t find a group to match your requirements, start your own Meetup to form connections with like-minded people in your town or city. For example, if you have enrolled in an rn to bsn program, you could create a group to meet with others training to become a charge nurse or registered nurse supervisor.

Learn About Potential Employers

You will likely have worked hard throughout the years to increase your knowledge and skill set. For instance, you might have taken the time to earn a respected degree off or online, such as an rn to bsn, master in special education, or MBA. However, your hard work could feel like a waste of time if you choose the wrong organization, as you will want to work for a company that will recognize your talents.

Unfortunately, many professionals are guilty of accepting the first role that comes along, which can drain them of all passion for an industry. Avoid making a big career mistake by learning about potential employers before accepting a job offer. Websites like Glassdoor and Vault allow employees to anonymously review specific companies, which will help prospective staff make informed decisions. 

For instance, you can learn about a company’s values, staff salaries, benefits, management style, and day-to-day operations. Also, you can gain an insight into the interview experience, which is useful during preparation.

Master Another Tongue

Speaking a second language fluently can increase your employability, aid your performance, and help you network with people overseas. If you have always wanted to learn Spanish, German, French, or another tongue, you can master a second language by downloading an app, such as Duolingo or Babble. It is a fun, easy, and straightforward way to learn a new language.

Work on Your Communication Skills

Your communication skills are just as important as your qualifications. For example, nurses need more than an ADN or rn to bsn degree to flourish in the role, as they must adopt a friendly, clear, and approachable communication style to talk to patients and their loved ones.

If you struggle with confidence, eye contact, or building friendly relationships with your colleagues, there are many fantastic tips online to work on this essential soft skill. For example, you could find top tips to improve your:


Climbing the career ladder and boosting your salary can take time and a great deal of patience. Rather than waiting for a vacancy to open or your boss to notice your potential, you must work hard to improve your career prospects.

Thankfully, the internet is full to the brim with options that could help you expand your skillset, boost your knowledge, and grab a hiring manager’s attention. For instance, you could look for a course that will increase your skills and help you enter a senior role, such as a registered nurse embarking on an Rn to bsn to become a charge nurse. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to boost your prospects in healthcare, marketing, finance, or construction; there are avenues for every ambitious professional online. So, raise your profile on social media, stay updated on the latest news and trends, or establish your credibility via a professional portfolio or blog. It could help you walk into your dream role at a faster rate.

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