ASI allocates money for Student Recreation Center and organizations

Associated Students Inc. gave the Student Recreation Center a sponsored activity grant for new equipment. (Vendila Yang/The Collegian)

Fresno State students can expect to see new equipment in the Student Recreation Center once it opens.

On March 10, Fresno State’s Associated Students Inc. allocated over $12,320.24 in sponsored activity grants, giving $8,070.24 to the SRC for new equipment, $3,000 to Camp Kesem and $1,250 to Mu Chi Omega.

In collaboration with SRC Director Derek Walters, Senator of Athletics and Recreation Taj Harris proposed an $8,070.24 grant in the senate meeting to purchase new equipment for the SRC.

Walters and Harris plan to purchase two sets of barbells, a new set of dumbbells, a dumbbell storage rack and a barbell storage rack.

Harris said that the SRC have a disproportionate amount of straight barbells and curl barbells on certain racks leading to an unsatisfactory experience.

“This may seem like a minor indifference at first but when you are working out, especially as a student who has minor access to weights at home… this becomes a larger concern because you want to have as many access to weight as possible,” Harris said. 

Vice President of External Affairs Fidel Moreno-Meza confirmed that the SRC tends to utilize exercise equipment until it is no longer functional. By that point, the new equipment purchased is ready to replace the aging equipment when the time comes.

Senator of Student Affairs Allison Bacani asked if the SRC would be opening during the fall semester. Harris acknowledged that he was unable to confirm with Walters if the SRC is expected to reopen.

“I do think that, regardless if the student recreation center is to open up… I think that even now with it closed, to me, this is the best opportunity to try and rebuild or address any concerns within the student recreation center,” Harris said.

The proposal was passed unanimously by the senate.

Vice President of Finance Nicholas L. Moore sponsored a resolution seeking to allocate a Sponsored Activity Grant for Camp Kesem, a national organization that supports children who were affected by their parent’s cancer. Fresno State Camp Kesem is one of the 137 chapters spread out across 44 states.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Kesem has had to transition to an in-home program as their campsites were closed for the foreseeable future. During summer 2020, Camp Kesem served over 8,600 children through their in-home program.

Camp Kesem requested $3,000 in supplies in order to produce Camp Kesem at-home kits for the children who participate at home as a result of the camp closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Each kit budgeted out to around $50 a camper… Kits include camp t-shirts; supplies for arts and crafts activities; stationery; [a] Kesem at-home activity book; and all supplies needed to support programming throughout camp,” Moore said.

Moore noted that the finance committee recommended the full amount for the grant for Camp Kesem as the sports activities grant has received few applications allowing for slightly larger grants to be permitted.

Executive Vice President Hisham Qutob clarified that the finance committee and ASI can only give a maximum allotment of $3,000 for the sports activities grant despite the relatively low number of applicants this year.

The sports activity grant for Camp Kesem was passed unanimously by the senate.

The last sports activities grant proposed to the senate regarded the request Mu Chi Omega Fraternity of $1,250 recommended by the finance committee. 

Mu Chi Omega plans to utilize the money to host a Cezar Chavez day celebration with a guest speaker. The organization requested $1,100 for the speaker fee while the remaining $150 will go towards supplies for the event.

The sports activity grant for Mu Chi Omega was passed unanimously by the senate.

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