10 Versatile Ways to Rock Basic T Shirts

Gone are the days when you had to wear fancy clothes and jazzy dresses to look like the best version of yourself! Now is the time when minimalist fashion trends have started growing. From plain pastel shades to basic solid tops, people prefer to wear these over glamorous outfits.

Similarly, fashionistas have started wearing basic T-shirts to rock their daily look. If you’re wondering how to style a basic t-shirt, then read on to get some latest tips!

1. Style It With Some Accessories

The best way to give a final touch to your basic T-shirt is by adding some accessories to it.

For example, if you’re wearing a plain white printed T-shirt, you can wear some hoop earrings with it to finish the look!

Or, if you’re wearing a V-neck, you can also style it with some layered necklaces to get an elegant look.

2. Wear a Coat or Jacket On Top

One of the best ways to rock basic t shirts is to wear a coat or jacket on top of them.

Do you want to look casual? Go for a denim jacket. Do you want to have a professional look? Go for a coat or blazer. Do you want to wear it to a party? Wear a sequin jacket or coat!

Do you want to achieve a summer look? Go for bright-colored jackets or even Bohemian-printed ones!

This way you can style a basic T-shirt in many ways, suitable for different occasions.

3. Wear It Inside a Jumpsuit

If you have a jumpsuit that you’ve worn a lot of times, then why not wear it again but with a little twist?

You can wear a basic t-shirt in the jumpsuit and get a different look. For instance, if you have a yellow t-shirt, you can wear it inside a denim jumpsuit to get the perfect picnic outfit!

4. Wear It With a Suit

Suits are also one of the latest fashion trends. So, if you are tired of wearing adorable outfits and want to go for a bolder and sexier look then consider wearing a basic t-shirt with a matching suit.

You can make it bolder by wearing your favorite pair of stilettos or platform heels!

5. Wear It As a Dress

If you’re unaware, you need to know that there are t-shirt dresses available too! So, if you don’t have any limitations on the length of the dress, you can wear your t-shirt as a dress too.

All you have to do is wear plain or fishnet stocking with it, that can make you look more glamorous. For extra styling, consider wearing a smart belt with it that can make your t-shirt outfit look complete!

6. Wear It With a Skirt

Got some skirts lying around your wardrobe? Now is the time to take them out!

Plain t-shirts look the absolute best with skirts. Be it a pencil skirt or a maxi skirt, you can pair that t-shirt with anything!

You can also consider tying a knot in your tee or simply tuck it in your skirt!

7. Style It With Mom Jeans

If you don’t want to put in a lot of effort, you can simply style your outfit with mom jeans.

This idea works the best with short T-shirts or even oversized ones, that you can knot or tuck in! Wear it with your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

8. Wear It With a Tracksuit

Are you the athletic kind? Well, then you can opt for styling your basic t-shirt with a tracksuit!  You can also wear this outfit, if you’re bold enough, to any outing to try out a new fashion style.

9. Do a Fun DIY

If you have got some time to spare, you can try a quick DIY trick.

For example, you can dye your basic t-shirt, and wear it or you can even do some doodles or artwork on it, to show off your creative side!

10. Style It With Boots

Lastly, you can wear a basic t-shirt with some high waist jeans/skirt and finally pair the whole look with boots.

You can try wearing knee-length boots and go slay others with your gorgeous outfit.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the versatile ways to rock your basic T-shirt look! Keep in mind that you can add in your own twist with a tee to have a customized look like no one else.

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