Make Home Diabetes Care Simple

Just over 1 in 10 Americans are diabetic. In 2018, the medical cost of treating diabetes cost was $237 billion. If you are diabetic, and especially if you are uninsured or underinsured, you are probably familiar with the cost of paying the bills when you are treating diabetes at home. Luckily, there are affordable options out there for your diabetes testing supplies.

Affordable, Easy Diabetes Management
The answer to your problems is found at your fingertips, through DiaThrive. Find everything you need to manage your diabetes: glucose monitors, insulin needles, test strips, alcohol wipes, lancettes, and anything else you need to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Our prices are low, to help you maintain your treatment regimen, even on a budget. Our products are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smartphone. We provide FDA-approved diabetes testing supplies, without a prescription, at an amazingly low price. You will not have to pay co-pays, and you will never have to argue with insurance or state agencies to get what you need to test your blood glucose covered. Your products will be delivered to your door.

Uninsured? No Problem!
We are realists at DiaThrive. We realize that a vast number of Americans do not have adequate insurance or lots of extra money to manage their chronic health problems. Even if you have state assistance, it isn’t always easy to get the healthcare equipment you need. Responding to this setback by ignoring/not treating your high blood sugars is incredibly dangerous, and can lead to terrible disabilities like blindness, amputations, kidney failure, and more. Luckily, we offer the same high-quality testing supplies at a much lower cost than many other retailers. Check out our prices: testing supplies have never been so affordable.

Why Are Testing Supplies Usually So Expensive?
Big Pharma and huge corporate-owned medical supply companies can easily exploit billing and insurance laws so that customers are forced to spend more for much-needed supplies that they can’t live without. Certain companies can fleece chronically ill members of the public with nothing but the primary goal of increasing their company profit margins by selling to a desperate public the marked-up items that they rely on to stay living as healthy as possible from day-to-day. By understanding the bureaucratic nuances of how insurance companies can affect the cost of medical supplies, and dealing with approval forms, our company’s specialty is getting what you need to be delivered to you quickly, with low prices that you can afford.

We Work For You
DiaThrive CEO Michael Hennessy worked within the health care system, and he became fed up with unfair practices that insurance companies utilized to keep care from sick people who were relying on their insurance to help provide them everything they needed to get better. He noted, “Constantly rising prices had no relation to manufacturing costs (which were actually falling).” He watched people struggle to get the treatment they needed, adding “They (insurance companies) routinely denied people the quantities of supplies doctors ordered and wouldn’t pay for testing supplies for people with pre-diabetes no matter how high their risk.”

We have taken the affordable distribution of diabetic supplies squarely out of the hands of insurance companies or state aid agencies and into the hands of the consumer. You can order as much as you need, without any need to talk to an insurance company for approval. Our prices are amazing: our highly accurate blood glucose meter is only $10. A box of 100 lancets is just $3. We carry a wide variety of supplies you can find useful. Take your good health into your hands!

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