Four Useful Tips To Write A Winning Application For Medical School

However smart a student be, writing an application to get into a medical school is a challenging task for anyone. Other than good grades and love for learning, a successful student is expected to demonstrate a wide range of soft skills and specific personality traits as well. Composing a winning application demands a lot of preparation, introspection and convincing skills. Be it a medicine postgraduate degree or undergraduate course, the student has to confront the challenge of having to convince the admission panel that he or she has what it takes to complete the programme successfully.

To make it easy for a medical aspirant to write an impressive application essay, most expert essay writer recommend the following tips:

1. A broad understanding of university expectations

Before starting the application, it would be a good idea to understand what the university is expecting from the ideal candidate for the programme. Generally, this kind of information is not readily available on the internet. The prospectus, curriculum outline and course brochures give some idea, but it would be more helpful to get in touch with the alumni, current students and faculty.

2. Find answers to important questions

While reading an application, the admission officer is silently looking for quality answers from the candidate to questions like :

– Why do you want to study at this particular university? 

– What experiences led you to believe that you can be a doctor? 

Why should the panel select you over thousands of other applications for the same seat? 

Once you have convincing answers to these questions above, you can finalise the structure of your application letter. Remember that to make the cut, you need to stand out among other qualified applicants. At the same time, always be honest to yourself. The person evaluating your letter has enough and more experience to know what’s true and what isn’t.

3. Keep it clear and concise

Research has pointed out that the human attention span is just about 8 seconds. That means you have only eight seconds (or maybe lesser) to impress your reader and convince him/her that you deserve to be in their classrooms. Therefore, it would be wise to present arguments in a clear, concise and easy-to-read format. The reader is probably going through hundreds of applications every day and will lose interest quickly in an application that has nothing new in it. 

Also, it would be useful to write the letter again and again. The more drafts you write, the better the final application gets.

4. The six-paragraph presentation

The golden rule of writing an application letter is ‘less is more’. A single page is enough to convince the admission panel that you have all the qualities that they are looking for in a successful candidate. In fact, it is not necessary to keep the content of the application longer than six well-written paragraphs. The first paragraph can have four or five sentences to grab the reader’s attention. The succeeding three to four body paragraphs can be used to express how you are qualified for the course and the last section to conclude the above points and reiterate your bid to be admitted.

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