Every Caregiver Should Have Wellue’s Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor

This handy little device is perfect for medical personnel and patients, but it’s something that all caregivers should have. The Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor is a medical grade device that lets you monitor various vitals easily and conveniently. Families with sickly members, elderly members or little kids should also invest in this product, especially during these times of crisis because you can keep an eye on your family’s health without having to go to the clinic or hospital. A perfect pocket solution.

The pandemic has made temperature-taking essential. Having our temperature taken has become the norm, and occurs at many checkpoints when we’re outside of our homes, especially at hospitals and stores. However, this practice shouldn’t be limited to public spheres. You should also start this initiative at home, scanning your family members periodically and even friends who come over to visit. This device is both lightweight and handy, weighing less than 80g and can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand. It allows you to take anyone’s temperature in 3 seconds with the integrated infrared thermometer. Accurate, convenient, and safe. 

Aside from being a thermometer, it can also support your SpO2 (oxygen saturation) user monitor for 10 hours continuously, PR (pulse rate), and PI (Perfusion Index) readings as it also doubles as an oximeter. You can check your vitals on the go, or in your sleep. This is especially useful for patients with sleep apnea, pulmonary disease, pneumonia, and nocturnal hypoxemia. The device comes with a wristband, protective cover and cable that allows it to act as an overnight monitor. Furthermore, it comes with in depth reports and an advanced history. 

Similarly, it can be used as an EKG monitor and worn with a strap around the chest. It sits comfortably on your chest and offers detailed reports which can be accessed through the free PC software. On it, you can check your HR (heart rate), rhythm, and HRV (heart rate variability). If you need to use both functions at the same time, you can activate the bluetooth controls and have everything played out on the mobile application, which is also free to download on the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store. It can sync data to users’ families or doctors via Bluetooth.

That’s not all because the Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor also can take your blood pressure. The accessories needed to perform a blood pressure test is included. Their AirBP Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor connects remotely and can check both SYS (systolic) and DIA (diastolic) blood pressure data. When paired with the Checkme Suit Edition, you can take blood glucose levels as well as store it on the cloud.

The best thing about this device is that it can store up to 12 patient profiles with full reports that can be checked on the PC software or mobile application. Everything is linked and so easy to use. It’s fool-proof and efficient, a multifunctional device that any household can benefit from, although it’s most popular with medical staff whether at the hospital or hospice.

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