4 Tips for Making Your Gifts Extra Special

The totality that most of the world is on some kind of lockdown is no joke as it means we’re not supposed to leave our homes unless it’s absolutely necessary. This rule can often put a damper on holiday shopping and make us all feel a bit like the Grinch. But Santa Claus and Hannukah Harry have already announced that they will not be forgoing the holidays, and we will all still get the best gifts! The art of gift-giving has been around since the beginning of time. Even cavemen gave Christmas gifts to show their softer side since it strengthened their connection as a tribe.

The world is still turning, and most consumers will have to figure out a new way to shop, which looks to be a lot of online buying. Even though you may not be able to head out to a mall or high street, it’s important to reach out to your friends and loved ones during the holiday time to let them know you are thinking of them. This year may be a bit different due to families spending time apart, but you can still deliver a perfectly splendid gift that will bring a smile to their faces. It just may take a little extra work and some outside of the box thinking.

1. Order Right Now

Ordering early is the key to making sure that everyone on your list is covered. Pre-coronavirus life, we all were able to order most items for next day delivery. This is not the case anymore. Now, the postal office and delivery services like Fed-EX and UPS are inundated with packages that are all dealing with a rush to get where they are going. It’s important to think about ordering your presents well in advance to make sure they are under the tree to be opened on the 25th.

When searching for the best holiday gifts for boyfriends, it’s crucial to think about a gift they can use right now. Since no one is sure when the stay-at-home orders may be lifted, you want to make sure your loved one will enjoy their present. A Rolex watch could be a great way to show your love for that special man that occupies your heart and your life. A luxury gift like this watch could really lift his spirits up through a long and stressful year. The name Rolex stands on its own throughout the watch world and is a stature of success. This timepiece is not only a household name but also made of high-quality craftsmanship which you can get in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, not to mention a pop-culture favorite. This item is the perfect gift to show someone that there is no other person you would rather spend your time with.

2. The Gift of Wrapping

Most people can admit that they struggle in the gift wrapping department. While wrapping a present may sound easy, it is an essential way of showing someone you care for them. You are taking the time to cover a gift delicately and want to make it perfect. For centuries gifts hidden under the tree have been luring little ones and adults alike to poke and prod them. Maybe it is the big red bow or the shiny gold paper that calls out to us like a siren. It’s only natural for the recipient to become curious.

If you really find you are struggling, most department stores offer the service free of charge. Just think of it as asking for a little help from you since it can create holiday season excitement and is a great idea to do together. Nowadays, there are so many designs to choose from, thanks to different colored paper, ribbon, tinsel, and bows that add to a great accessory that you may be spoiled for choice.

If you really find you are struggling most department stores offer the service free of charge. Just think of it as asking for a little help from Santa Claus’s elves. The idea of using a professional Santa Claus or helpers can make the task seem achievable! Don’t forget to add your handwritten note with a simple holiday message. A little love can go a long way this year.

3. Throw a Zoom Party


Whether you are searching for how to throw a 1980s theme party or the best holiday party your office has ever seen, it is important to do it up big. If you can’t be with the ones you love in person, a phone call is the next best thing. While you may not be able to play old school arcade games and blast Whitney Houston at your 80’s theme party, each one of you most likely has a game console at home that you can all use while on the call.

Try a fun interactive dance party to get you all up and interacting. To step your holiday theme up, you can always hire a Santa or a Mrs. Claus and leave the entertainment to the professionals. This is why you should hire a professional Santa Claus — to really enhance the Christmas experience for your party-goers! Invite them to the zoom party and get them to host the virtual secret Santa! Don’t forget to dress up to match your theme. Everyone can wear Santa hats or a traditional holiday sweater. You can even have a prize for the best sweater on the video chat. And just because no one is coming to your home does not mean you can’t decorate. Most of you will already have your tree and garland up, so add a few more sparkly lights, and it could feel like you’re right at New York at the Rockefeller Tree lighting.

4. Make It Personal


This time of year always brings out a better side of people who are trying to get a place on the nice list. If you are struggling to find that special someone a presentable gift, why not try going down the personal route. Making a gift from the heart says a lot about your character and requires a lot of extra love and care. It’s a good idea to use your strength.

If you enjoy knitting, why not make your mother a cozy glove and hat set? Maybe you are the artist of your family. You can always paint a beautiful landscape for a friend’s new kitchen. Even simples tasks such as baking can often be a lovely surprise. Who doesn’t enjoy opening up a tin of homemade Christmas cookies to nibble on during the month? And just because you made a gift does not mean it has to be cheap.

Taking the time and energy to put together a heartfelt gift will resonate volumes with almost anyone, maybe even leaving them speechless at such a kind gesture. If you are feeling up to a bigger project, you can try to make them a personalized gift basket with all their favorite goodies, or you can think of a theme to keep all the gifts pulled together, such as a spa night or a glam squad theme get together. Whatever you decide, they will absolutely love it.

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