Rivalry Among Students and Why the Race for Group Precedence is Amiss

The only person you should compete with is yourself, but that is easier said than done. From the moment you are born, you compete with something or someone. You get to a certain age and are expected to walk, talk, and do things for yourself; this is competition with time and expectations. However, while this type of competition is a great way to gauge growth, determine how well you are developing, and identify when things are amiss, some aren’t.

The idea of having an achievement at the end of all struggle presents motivation. However, with the constant reminder that the accomplishment is limited and can only be attained by a specific group of people, it is likely to develop a rivalry with those you see as competitors. For instance, students compete for recognition and rewards at school, and this is healthy until it isn’t. 

Positive Effects of Rivalry for Group Precedence

Leaders are made, not born. The healthy rivalry has a way of making leaders. Those competing for leadership roles in small groups are likely to grow into more prominent roles that allow them to exercise authority. This type of competition also works well in motivating students to outperform themselves and others in all their undertakings. This can easily translate to good performance in academics.

Additionally, having competitors makes you prone to taking risks. Since there is an external aspect of motivation, you aren’t sure what they can or can’t do to achieve the goal you both want. As such, you are more likely to put yourself out there, mostly in fear that your competitor will outdo you if you don’t. This idea of motivation requires intentional control in what risks are too risky, as the concept of surpassing someone can be blinding on consequences

Negative Effects of Student Rivalry in Groups

Sometimes, this idea of competition translates to seeing others as threats, which can be detrimental to individuals and any team they are a part of. For instance, at the university, numerous top performers from various states meet, and since a lot of assignments require group work, a few people will want to call the shots.

This brings about an intense race for group precedence that does more harm than good. When everyone wants to be a leader, it isn’t easy to get any work done. This, in turn, can affect everyone’s grade, including those who don’t share in the rivalry. 

Instead of meeting for academic discussions, groups engage in confrontations. This undermines the idea of unity and discourages other members from contributing, lest they are roped into the drama. In such cases, the best option is to find alternative ways to get through your project, research or essay. Luckily, you can ask a professor to help you get through the current paper and consider finding another group for the ones that follow. 

The last thing you want is to fail in your paper because of unnecessary rivalry and impromptu solutions. When you decide to get help with writing your essay, the first thing you should do is go through the free samples provided. These will help you gauge the kind of work the writers will deliver. You can read through as many free essay samples on different topics to ensure they adhere to all rules on plagiarism. This way, as the group works to find its footing, no grades are affected.

Obsession with competition clouds your judgment on what loss is or the intensity of it. This means that your ability to handle loss decreases, which can take a toll on your mental health. Additionally, with your focus on achievements, you forget to do other things that should be present in a wholesome college experience. This lack of balance leads to anxiety, disappointment, and in some cases, depression.


Although there are positives to rivalry for group precedence among students, the negatives outweigh them. It is crucial to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy competition, to ensure that you don’t go overboard. It might cost you the very thing you are working towards; excellence. 

Students who form groups with peers do better in group work, and they develop better relationships that continue past university. This is because it is easier to establish individuality in such settings, and each person’s contribution is regarded as essential. 

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