Best Ways To Detox And Feel Better

Our modern diet and lifestyle can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed, and sluggish. Poor diet, lack of sleep, and environmental stressors cause toxins to build up in our bodies. 

One of the best ways to get some of our energy and liveliness back is to detox. Detoxing does precisely what it sounds like- it removes bulk and toxins from the body, raising energy levels and bringing your body into balance. There are several ways to do this, but some are definitely better than others. 

Dietary detoxes work but can be complicated.

One of the most traditional ways to detox involves making specific dietary changes. This makes sense since many of the toxins in our bodies come from our modern diet. Pesticides, preservatives, food additives, and colorings are all toxins that we absorb every day from the food we eat. 

Unfortunately, just like it is easier to stain a white shirt than it is to clean it, using diet alone to detox can be difficult. While it is helpful to eliminate these added toxins from your diet, it requires special thought to actually cleanse the toxins you already have absorbed. This can take a relatively lengthy amount of time, potentially several weeks.

A dietary detox may consist of eating certain foods that cause you to go to the bathroom more regularly, or they may be completely liquid-diet based. 

While consuming nothing but water with some sweeteners and other nutrients added will clean you out pretty well, many people don’t enjoy going several days without eating anything they have to chew. This type of cleanse can be difficult for people to commit to, due to the length of time needed to make it effective.

Chemical Detoxes can be Hard on the Body.

Another way to detox is through the use of a chemical laxative. There are several on the market that will help you to clear out your digestive system and start fresh, but generally speaking, this process can be a little more unpleasant. 

Because these products are designed to help you go when constipated, they can cause you to cramp and feel generally unpleasant throughout the process. Many people also consider it unpleasantly ironic to use a manmade chemical laxative to clear chemicals and toxins from the system. 

Some people choose this type of cleanse because it takes relatively little time commitment. A cleanse can typically be finished in 24-48 hours. Regardless, it is hard to define this as a cleanse. 

The use of chemical laxatives means that many consider this not to be a true cleanse at all since you are adding chemicals in when the intent was to remove excess toxins. Such detoxes also do very little for your detoxing organs like the liver and kidneys, since they focus exclusively on your digestive tract.

Herbal Detoxes Can be the Best of Both Worlds.

For many people, an herbal detox is the clear choice to get to a clean slate. These detoxes gently stimulate the body to cleanse itself. An herbal detox can provide the convenience of a laxative cleanse, along with the greater comfort of a dietary cleanse. 

The greatest challenge with an herbal cleanse is figuring out which specific herbs are most beneficial. Some herbs will help with the purging aspect of the detox, while others are more beneficial for detoxifying the organs of the body. The easiest course for most people is to find a professionally blended mixture of detox and cleanse herbs. 

As you can see, there isn’t just one way to detox the body, but there are better and worse ways to do it. For most people, choosing a quality herbal detox supplement is the easiest and most reliable course of action.

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