Why You Need to Think and Wellness

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In a society where sex is marketed to consumers in everything from our popular music, television and film choices, and clothing options, it has become that much more important to consider and actively discuss the importance of sexual wellness alongside the prevalent conversations about sexual stimulation and provocation. When many think about sexual wellness, they tend to exclusively discuss issues such as how to:

  • regulate sexual health by visiting a medical practitioner
  • achieve safe sex
  • avert pregnancy through the use of various birth control and barrier methods and emergency contraception
  • manage family planning
  • protect against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. 

But while issues of sexual wellness certainly include these topics, they also touch on how to construct a sex life that is just as safe as it is pleasurable, curious, playful, and mutually beneficial. And although discussions of sexual wellness fixated on the body and health have often included you and your medical practitioner, what if we told you that more progressive ideas about sexual health could also include a visit to your local sexual wellness store?


One of the things that progressive sexual wellness thinkers encourage consumers to think about is challenging sexual taboos and restrictive ideas about sexuality that are not sex-positive. The truth of the matter most often is that when it comes to sexual health, self-pleasure tends to be a topic that everyone wants to know more about and certainly explore, but no one wants to discuss openly. 

Not only does self-pleasure play a major role in the overall health and well-being of individuals, but it encourages people to explore their own bodies in a non-judgmental and curious way, while also understanding what truly makes them excited and sexually satisfied. Self-pleasure can be achieved using many tools from your local sexual wellness store, including personal lubricants, rechargeable vibrators, and vespers, wands, and dildos. 

Joint Sexual Pleasure

Researchers have found that once you become more comfortable with your own body and the range of your own pleasure without judgment, it will be that much easier to explore sexuality with your partner – who may also already be on their own progressive journey of sexual exploration. 

By creating a vision of sexual wellness that encourages openness and curiosity, together, you and your partner will be better able to openly discuss issues such as consent, mutual reciprocity, and how to make your intimate moments feed your most intimate needs and desires. 

Once couples are comfortable, they may also be willing to bring in various toys that will not only increase their joint pleasure but the range of play that they are both willing to participate in. Some couples might be interested in starting off with items such as massage oil and candles to set the mood. 

They might also consider purchasing their favorite sex manual to help them figure out which positions they want to explore together. Once they are fully intimate, they might consider introducing a clitoris massager to achieve heightened orgasm or a couple’s vibrator or vibrating ring to climax together.

Racy Pleasure

For those couples who are ready to take their sexual curiosity and play to the next level, they might consider bringing in items to their intimate encounter that push the limits of pleasure and think more progressively about what some might call bondage. Some couples start off by blindfolding their partner and tying them up with handcuff wristlets made out of satin or faux fur. 

Other couples bring in braided whips and playful and seductive clothing made out of lace and leather to entice their partners. Not only do these kinds of toys encourage partners to be more playful and exploratory, but they also create an openness that allows the couple to have conversations about what they are willing to participate in. All of this is key to a balanced sex life that centers on health and wellness. 

When people tend to think in more progressive ways when constructing sexuality that focuses on health and wellness, there are a number of positive benefits and outcomes that they can expect. Not only will you achieve a much higher level of self-esteem as it relates to both your body and your sexual needs, but you will be able to have greater respect for yourself and your partners. 

Ultimately, this way of approaching sexual wellness will allow for a greater degree of joy and pleasure that is not clouded by judgment and embarrassment – whether it be of yourself or the people you share your sexuality with. 

As well, by centering wellness in your sexual practice, you will be much more comfortable with yourself and your body, the needs of your partners, and, ultimately, the decisions you are making about your sexual activity. 

By prioritizing sexual wellness, you will be able to achieve a state of body and mind that enables you to enjoy and explore sex in a way that maintains and establishes what your terms may be, and in what time you are willing to explore those desires.

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