How to Save on Prescriptions in 2020

Healthcare costs in America have been a hot political topic for decades. The price of staying healthy is too high for many individuals, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses. One of the biggest expenses that comes from that is prescription medications. And if you’re like thousands of people across the country, there’s a chance you’re overpaying for your medication. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to save money on your prescriptions so every trip to the pharmacy doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Well, with a little effort and research, there are ways to find the lowest price and guarantee you can afford to keep yourself healthy and strong. Here are just a few tips to lower your prescription drug costs in 2020. 

Get the discount card

You love using coupons to get discounts on groceries, clothes, and anything else you might need, so use the same method to get prescription discounts. Certain discount programs like America’s Pharmacy can save you up to 80% off regular prescription prices in just three easy steps. No questions asked. You simply search your prescription, download the card or coupon, and present it to your pharmacist. Most drugstores and big-box locations accept these, so with the help of a prescription discount card, you can start saving money today. 

Go generic

Most drugs come in many forms, including generic. Opting for generic medications versus the name-brand can save you money. So the next time you visit the pharmacy or chat with your doctor, ask about discount prescriptions that are generic and the best deal for you. 

Shop around

Different pharmacies have different medications that they carry. Some work directly with drug manufacturers, others use a middle man which increases the price for the consumer. Don’t just settle for a high price at one store, but shop around for the best prices for you. This may require some extra searching, but it will help you find the best discounts in the long run. 

Go bigger

If you take regular medication, you can plan for that purchase in advance. See if you can be prescribed your meds in bulk. A 90-day supply may be cheaper per day than a 30-day supply, plus you’re paying your copay less frequently. Planning and buying in bulk can help you save. 

Apply for aid

If you’re ever in need of assistance to pay for your medication, you can go directly to the source and apply for aid. Whether it’s through Medicare, non-profits, or the pharmacy/drug company directly, you can often make your case to receive certain medications for free or at a substantial discount. 

Ask for samples

Oftentimes your doctor will have samples of certain medications that you can try out. This is a great way to take care of your wellness for free while you try out what drugs work best for you. Just communicate with your doctor to see if there is a generic option for when your free trial runs out. You don’t want to end up relying on a drug that will cost you more down the road. 

Know your copay plan

Your health insurance plan does cover prescription costs and medical supplies for your wellness needs. However, each plan has different deductibles and copay prices. Research and consider what plan may be best for you. The tiers for prescription drugs vary, so stay vigilant on what drug works best with your insurance and look for a plan that benefits your health and your wallet. 

Talk to your doctor

Your best guide through the world of medicine is your doctor. So before you make your way to the pharmacy, consult your physician about the best medications for you. Not only will they offer medical advice, but if you’re open about your financial situation, they can help find the most affordable option for you.

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