Going the extra mile at business school is the way to get ahead

Getting into business school is a monumental achievement that should always be appreciated and celebrated. When I finally got into business school myself, I felt like I was finally on the right path to be who I wanted to be and to build the life for myself that I wanted to build by building a fruitful career in business. Business school is a massive process and there are so many different pieces of advice that are often offered to business school students. I know from experience that it can be a daunting prospect to sift through all the advice to find the right pieces to assist you in navigating your way through the process.

For me, there were so many different pieces of advice that I was given in the lead up and during my time at business school. Sometimes, I honestly found it quite daunting to even try to figure out which pieces of advice were worth paying attention to. It was not always easy. In fact, in many instances, it proved to be exactly the opposite. Even so, I found it quite exciting to navigate my way through the entire experience with relative ease and transparency (for the most part and in most instances, of course). 

Shaping my university experience as a business student

As a business student, there is a lot to be said for figuring out the experience for yourself. For me, shaping my university experience as a business student has been every bit about being honest with myself about the way that the process is affecting me while also being open and honest with the steps that I am willing and able to realistically take to make the most of my experience. And after years in business school, this is perhaps the most valuable lesson that I have learnt up until this point. And yet, that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Going the extra mile at business school 

It can be a huge responsibility to know how to make the most of the business school experience. For me, my determination to get ahead has had everything to do with my willingness to make sure that I am taking advantage of every opportunity to expand and evolve my skills and talents. Whether I want to start my own real estate business as a California registered agent or build and develop websites when I graduate (to name just a few examples of possible career trajectories that I could take once graduation rolls around), going the extra mile however and whenever possible has been my biggest asset. That is my advice to any business school student. And it always will be. 

Why this is so phenomenally important

There is quite a lot to pay attention to when it comes to being willing and able to go the distance and make the extra effort every step of the way. I always want to be doing everything in my power to always be evolving into the best possible version of myself. Business school has allowed me the opportunity to do this and in many ways it continues to give me many opportunities to further advance and enhance my approach to not only business school but life in general. 

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