Fall 2020: What to Expect

College students all over the nation, including those at CSU Fresno, are facing a new type of college life. The pandemic is forcing people to revolutionize several aspects of life. The following are some things you might expect this fall

Social Distancing

One thing you should expect this year is social distancing. Colleges like Fresno State are opening things up a bit but want students to social distance. This means your classes might be smaller. You’ll notice signs telling you to stay away from other people. Social events will be more intimate. Students will not be as social as you might remember. 

Totally Digital

Fresno State is joining colleges that aren’t taking risks by telling students to stay home completely, meaning campuses are only slightly open to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. As a digital student, you will have to figure out a way to make your home into a place where you can study. This means addressing noise, dealing with other people’s schedules, and figuring out how you’ll set up your workstation. Try to do all of this before classes start.

Interactive Learning

Your tech must be up-to-date and ready to deal with the software you might need to attend school this year. Professors will be using technology to help maximize social distancing, such as Curriki.org, and these technologies need, at a minimum, a decent laptop (or a tablet with a keyboard) and reliable internet. It might be a good idea to test your connection before class begins. You can find a way to do so by typing “internet speed test” into your favorite search engine.

Video Counseling

College students expect to visit their counselors as they attend college. These counselors are there to guide students so that they can reach their goals. The pandemic is forcing this to change to something else. Many college counselors are beginning to rely on video conference tools instead of face-to-face meetings. Students can talk to folks through these video calls about their futures and what they want to accomplish. It might be a little strange, but it’s being done to try to reduce infection. 

Problems Along the Way

The reality is you’ll have to deal with issues. Colleges are figuring out how to provide digital education, but the kinks haven’t been worked out just yet. Technology is trying to catch up, but there are still many issues you might experience. You might see video conferences dropped. You might see problems with internet connectivity and much more. Try to anticipate some of these issues, and do your best to communicate with professors to correct issues as they come along. 

Face Masks

Face masks are probably going to be mandatory for a while. This is something you are going to have to keep in mind if you are going to go to class in person from time to time. Wearing a mask for a few minutes when you are in a store might not be so bad, but classes are much longer. Masks can get a little uncomfortable after some time, so figure out a way to take breaks every so often and step outside. Be sure to have a few masks so that you can exchange them because they might get dirty. 

Grab and Go

Students in school are probably not going to see buffets any time soon. Eating this way invites too many risks, and most colleges aren’t taking that risk. What you are going to see is an emphasis on grab-and-go food options. These are probably going to be prepackaged so that you can safely remove the wrapper and eat the food that hasn’t been contaminated. While you probably won’t be interacting with other students as much, you might find college-based online hangouts to talk to others digitally. 

These are some things you might want to expect this year at CSU Fresno. It’s a strange time to be a college student and a strange time to be a human being for that matter, but life must go on.

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