Best Types of Alternative Toilet Paper

Empty toilet paper roll recycled as a seedling planter

With the push to create and engineer new alternatives for household products that are not only eco-friendly but cost-effective, there can be quite a lot of options which may feel overwhelming. 

Everyone wants to go soundly to sleep every night knowing that what they put in and on their bodies is safe for them and their loved ones. Most people have tried-and-true brands that they use every day. However, it may be time to start thinking about alternatives.

Traditional plywood toilet paper hasn’t had a serious upgrade since its creation in 1891. Since then, its formula and design haven’t deviated far and its original concept is still used to this day. 

This lack of innovation continues to cause major problems as we face climate change, deforestation, and displacement.

When thinking about alternative toilet paper, also consider such factors as cost, personal preference, and availability of use.

There are alternatives out there to traditional toilet paper. You’ll be more eco-conscious and frugal when you make the switch.

Toilet Paper Alternatives

The following are the best types of alternative toilet paper everyone should consider once their toilet paper sheets have left the last roll:


Although most of the world, especially in Asia, have installed bidets in their bathroom, it is not as well-known everywhere else. Bidets are toilet attachments that range in size (and price) to wash away the user’s waste. 

Bidets typically have a water sprout connected to the water line and a nozzle that shoots water into specific areas to erase waste. The idea behind the bidet is that, by using the pressure from the nozzle insert to wash off the waste in an area, the user will not need as much, if any, toilet paper to clean up. 

Some bidets have heated seats, temperature and pressure settings, automatic nightlights in the toilet bowls and other cool gadgets. 

You can even find premium bidets that blow cool or warm air, which erases the need for toilet paper altogether. So if you are looking for a true to form alternative to toilet paper, look no further than a bidet.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you want to go the all natural route, bamboo toilet paper is the best option out there for toilet paper alternatives without skimping out on your standards of quality or costs. 

Bamboo toilet paper boasts benefits such as exceptional softness, durability comparable to steel, and it’s eco-friendliness. Bamboo has a minimal carbon footprint and releases mass amounts of oxygen back into the environment.

So if you want to go the all-natural route, invest in bamboo toilet paper as your new go-to.

Recycled Toilet Paper

If fancy bidets or the thought of using bamboo doesn’t work for you, consider using recycled paper as a toilet paper alternative. 

Certain brands promote eco-friendly awareness by producing toilet paper from recyclable paper. Recycled toilet paper is mostly composed of loose paper and newspaper. These papers are recycled the traditional way with just the added step of yielding toilet paper instead of other recycled products.

If you want to support the recycling industry, this alternative is your best bet.


Using cloths can also be a great alternative to using traditional toilet paper. 

They can be reused over and over again, given that they are properly washed and sanitized beforehand. If cost is another factor in your decision for considering alternative toilet papers, cloths can be a budget-friendly option. 

Because they are reusable, you do not have to worry about consistently purchasing new ones. They will naturally wear out over time. If you want more eco-friendly benefits for cloth toilet paper alternatives, try purchasing 100% cotton cloths. 

Not only are they natural and free of bad chemicals but they will naturally breakdown back into the environment after disposal.

Alternative Toilet Paper is Better

Although there are many great options for toilet paper alternatives out there, the best ones boil down to bidets, bamboo or recycled toilet paper, and cotton cloths. When considering toilet paper alternatives, evaluate cost, reliability and eco-friendly advantages. 

Make informed decisions and try out different brands. There are plenty of reliable brands out there that fall into these toilet-paper alternative categories so you will feel free to claim your new tried-and-true product. 

Also, consider being open-minded about these alternatives as they tend to not be in the spotlight all that often, especially for bidets and cloths. You may use these alternatives and decide they are life-changing and become a loyal user.

Take the time to experiment with these different types of toilet paper alternatives to deem which one is best for you. Not all alternatives are one size fits all. Try them all out and see which is right for you and your needs.

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