5 Things You Can Do for Your Yard This Fall

As summer gives way to autumn with winter soon to follow, it is natural to think that most of your lawn care is done for a while. But that’s not entirely true. Just as you need nourishment and self-can all year long, your lawn also needs care spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here are five things you can do this fall to maintain your grass for springtime.

1. Be aware of unwanted animal guests.


It is important to know which animals are likely to want to call your lawn home. If you live in an area where Canada geese are known to leave their droppings all over the place and turn yards into their playgrounds, Flightcontol offers solutions to protect your yard. Flightcontrol contains anthraquinone, which causes grass-eating Canada geese discomfort when they ingest it. Few other birds eat grass, so they will not be harmed if you use Flightcontrol on your yard. What you will get is the ability to safely reclaim your property and say no to any more Canada geese droppings, which can be overwhelming and unsanitary. Flightcontrol is a great option as a safe goose deterrent. If the pest you need to handle is a neighborhood dog, spraying vinegar around the perimeter of your property might keep the dog away. He is not going to like the smell and might opt for another yard.

2. Remove the leaves.


The fallen leaves scattered across the yard might make for a pretty scene. Piled up, they can be fun for the kids to jump in.

However, if you don’t remove the leaves, you’re likely to be disappointed come spring as dead grass appears. Moisture can be trapped in the leaves and mold can form, and your lawn will not get as much sunlight it the leaves stay on the ground.

If you have a large yard and raking seems like task you would rather not perform, a leaf-blower will help you gather them into a pile. But be sure that pile ends up off your property as well. If you have a swimming pool, hopefully it was covered up before the leaves started to fall. If you’re contemplating adding one, the advice Olympuspoolsfl.com gives its customers in the Tampa, FL area might come in handy. Olympus Pools are pool contractors Tampa knows and loves, and they are well aware that it is nicer to be doing outside construction work when the temperatures are cooler than they are in mid-summer, even in Florida. The company calls its workers visionaries, ready to take on any challenge and make its customers’ dreams a reality. 

3. Use fertilizer to your benefit.


Fertilizer helps protect roots from freezing. Putting it down in the fall if you are likely to have morning dew on your lawn means the moisture will help the fertilizer be absorbed. This will likely result in healthier grass in the spring. Try to estimate when the first frost might occur — that would usually be a good time to spread fertilizer.

The Grass People point out that spring or summer fertilizers should never be used in the autumn or winter months. Spring and summer fertilizers tend to have increased levels of nitrogen, which help grass grow. This is not good for the winter as the harsher temperatures can damage the growth.  

4. Test the Ph levels in your Soil.


Autumn is a good time to have the soil tested. The Spruce suggests applying lime if the soil test should show a need to reduce acidity and applying sulfur if it’s alkalinity that needs to be lessened . Inexpensive soil Ph testing kits can be found at at your local garden center or other outlets.

5. Don’t mow too much.


Cutting the grass too short for the winter will lead to a shallow root depth that can cause further problems. If you have not raked up the leaves, mowing over them if there are not to many on the ground can be beneficial. As they decompose the leaves will add organic nutrients to the soil, helping give the grass a healthier look next spring.

The changing of the seasons might lead to an adjustment in what you spend your time concentrating on, but it doesn’t mean you should stop your lawn care. If you want a great looking yard next spring, keep mowing the grass until it stops growing, remove the leaves, add fertilizers and check the soil Ph. You should also do what you can to keep Canada geese and other animals off the grass.

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