Five Reasons Why Your Dog Needs His Own Dog Bed

Black pug sitting in dog bed in front of white background

If you are a dog owner, chances are you love your dog a lot. Sure, you might share your personal space with him while you are having a lazy weekend or while you are sleeping in bed. However, you might be doing both yourself and your dog a disservice.

As much as you and your dog love each other, one thing is clear: your dog needs his own dog bed. There are plenty of dog beds that come in different sizes. No matter the breed, there’s always a suitable size.

We’ll be taking a look at five different reasons as to why your dog will need his own bed. While it may be hard for both of you to be in two different places in the same home, you’ll be doing your dog a favor. Let’s dive right in and talk about the benefits of dogs needing their own bed.

It will improve your dog’s health

Structural health has always been a concern for dogs regardless of their breed. Whether your dog is a chihuahua or a German Shepard, there is a risk of hip dysplasia or arthritis among other issues. A dog bed will work just great compared to sleeping on a floor that is flat and hard (even carpet won’t make it any better).

If your dog is seven years old (or older), they are more likely to develop structural health problems. That’s why a dog bed should be soft, comfortable, and gives your dog enough protection against having those painful days.

Plus, structural health issues can shorten their lifespan. Keep this in mind when you are considering the idea of getting a dog bed. For senior dogs, an orthopedic bed will do wonders for them.

They deserve their own space

Needless to say, dogs have some needs that match their humans. One such is their need for their own space. So why not clear off a spot in your home so it’s theirs?

It will give them a place to relax, sleep, and be more of a dog. Depending on the size of the bed, you’ll need to consider which room in your home will be suitable for them. If the dog is a small or medium-sized breed, your living room should be a good place.

Alternatively, your bedroom might be a good place to clear off space (so you both can be in the same room at night). But the larger the dog, the larger must the space be. Don’t overthink this and take your time as you figure out some of the best places where a bed can go.

It keeps them off the furniture

Most dog owners allow their pets on the furniture. Others do not. The latter may be onto something here.

Your furniture’s longevity might be shortened if you allow your dogs on the furniture. It may get easily damaged and will get dirty and covered with hair. And it can lead to a lot of cleaning.

You also want to lessen the presence of pet odors on the furniture as well. With dog beds, you can keep that to a minimum. Not only will it train your dog to keep away from the couch, but it will also keep things at home nice and clean.

Thankfully, there are most dog beds that have materials that are intended to keep odors from lingering. But at the end of the day, it keeps all the hair that sheds from your dog off the furniture (and the mud they track in as well).
Easy to clean

Cleaning up after your dog doesn’t have to be a tough task. So you’ll need to keep that way by getting a dog bed. Most of them are easy to clean. However, they may have special cleaning instructions that need to be followed.

Not all dog beds can be washed and dried like regular clothes. Be sure to check the tags before you consider the idea of cleaning them. That way, you don’t ruin the overall quality and shorten the bed’s lifespan.

Your dog deserves a bed that will stay comfortable and gives them a good night’s rest for a long time.
Final Thoughts

Having a dog at your side can be the best thing in life. Especially when they are right beside you while you sleep. However, they will need their own space as well.

Do your dog a favor and give them space and comfort they need with a dog bed they’ll appreciate. Not only will they get a good night’s rest, but they’ll feel like they have the energy of a puppy even when they are older. You’d be very surprised by how beneficial it can be for your dog to have their own bed.

It’s no secret why dogs are our best friend. Let’s return the favor by getting them a very comfortable bed.

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