Where to Use LED Light Bars

electrician installing led light bulbs in ceiling lamp

We sure feel bad for those folks who used to walk around lighting candles wherever they went! 

Today’s lighting technology is so cool and versatile, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to light up your space in a creative way. 

One of the easiest ways to level up your home lighting is with LED Light Bars, which are low- profile and super simple to position anywhere you want. 

Let’s explore a few of the amazing advantages of these sleek light bars and give you some inspiration for your next home lighting overhaul. 

Under-cabinet or overhead 

Want to know a well-kept interior design secret that the pros don’t want you to know? 

“Under the cabinet” is one of the best locations for LED lights, and it is a quick hack that can boost the sophistication of any space imaginable. 

Simply positioning one of these high-powered light bars beneath a desk, cabinet or bar can change the entire look of your space, making it feel more like a luxury hotel or gallery. 

Equipped with magnetic backing, these light bars can stick to any metal surface, which means you can experiment with a new setup every day! 

If you need a more permanent fixture, simply use the rubber adhesive strip to stick the bar anywhere you want. Nothing is off-limits, and the slim form factor lets you think outside the box from traditional lighting. 

Indoor or outdoor vibes 

The best part of LED light bars is that you are only limited by your imagination! 

These pieces can be placed literally anywhere, indoors or outside. 

Think about all the places in your home where you could use a bit of extra glow. 

The medicine cabinet that you need a phone flashlight to illuminate? The jewelry door that doesn’t do justice to your magnificent bling? The stairway where you always stumble? 

Just a quick brainstorm and you will see so many opportunities come to light. And that’s just for the indoor setup! 

We’ve seen some amazing examples of outdoor area transformations as well. 

Have an outdoor patio with sparse and gloomy lighting? Place a few bars under the table or under the ledge of your stone barriers and get a whole new perspective. 

Need to spruce up your deck or balcony? A well-positioned LED light bar can make the entire scene look way more inviting and conducive to outdoor chilling. 

We recognize that outdoor lighting introduces new challenges like durability and weather resistance. These light bars are built to withstand the elements and will stay steadfast on nearly any surface outside. 

Don’t underestimate the power of these bars! They are barely a foot long and weigh virtually nothing, but they pack 10 super-bright LED lights and outperforms much bigger units. 

You can also expect to get a lot of battery life out of these bars, which are very efficient and only flip on in the dark. 

Our engineers estimate an overall lifespan of 100,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing this one anytime soon! 

Motion-sensor solutions 

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of stumbling around looking for the light switch. Even if you’ve been living in the same place for a decade! 

Muscle memory can only take you so far when navigating the darkness of your own home, and when it’s the middle of the night, you may not totally have your wits about you. 

That’s why motion-sensor technology is such a game-changing feature of the LED light bar, which automatically switches to full blast when any motion is detected. 

Place them underneath your cabinets in the kitchen so you can easily access that midnight snack, or put one next to the toilet so you don’t have to disturb your sleep pattern when taking a bathroom break at three in the morning. 

Not only does this technology save you frustration and stubbed toes, but it can also help guests navigate your home if they don’t know the layout. Airbnb guests will be thrilled! 

You don’t even need to wave your hands like a lunatic to get these lights to flip on. The sensors are tuned to detect any subtle motion and spring to life. 

Just be warned that living in motion-sensor luxury makes it hard to go back to the old ways of swiping at switches and bumping into furniture! 


There are few lighting products out there that combine form and function so seamlessly. The LED light bar is one of those incredible innovations that seems obvious, but so many people overlook when designing their own homes. 

Whether you’re looking to do a complete reboot of your home light setup or you just want to spruce up some dark spots throughout your apartment, the light bar is a no-brainer. 

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