How Can Roses Last As Long As a Year For Someone Special

Batch of colorful roses on a white background

Gifting someone a bag, shoes, or clothes means that you are giving him/her something that would last for a long time. However, no one can imagine gifting a rose to someone that would last for a year. Did that surprise you? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost everyone who hears this for the first time gets shocked as no one imagines a rose to stay in its original form for a year.

But how does that happen? And where can you find such roses that last a year? Learn this and much more here.

What Makes the Roses Last for a Year?

If you think that a rose can look like its fresh form for a year without any treatment, you are wrong. It takes many steps for flower companies to make eternity roses. So, there is a new term for you to learn. You do not call them ‘roses that last a year’. The name of these roses is eternity roses.

Coming to the steps, a company would cut a rose(s) when it is at its peak. This helps to ensure that the rose that they will preserve is in the best shape. After that, the dehydration process will start. Companies need to dehydrate the rose. However, that should not worry you as the rose will not lose its shape or softness. Following the dehydration process, injecting the rose with a non-toxic solution takes place.  

The injected solution is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Once the rose goes through all these steps, the company decides whether the rose will remain red or to give it an exotic look. The latter happens if colors are sprayed on the preserved rose. These could be any. Some companies offer eternity roses in over 20 colors. 

Is It Expensive?

Eternity roses are not as cheap as the standard roses. And the process involved apart from options like gold-plating available are the reasons for the high price. Thus, making an eternity rose a valuable gift. If you do not want the rose that you give someone to wilt in about a week, then the eternity rose would be the best option. The price of the rose that you purchase would depend on various factors. These include the company that you are buying it from and the color that you get it in. And if you opt for a coating (like gold or silver), get ready to pay extra. 

Reasons to Gift Eternity Roses

You must be thinking that why is there a need to gift an eternity rose when gifting a normal one is possible as well. So, here are all the reasons why you should consider gifting an eternity rose:

Low Maintenance

The preserved rose does not need any maintenance. Because the process that it goes through helps to ensure that the rose lasts for a good year. You do not have to be worrisome about the rose wilting or its petals falling. Apart from that, you do not have to worry about putting it in a water jar or exposing it to the right amount of sunlight. As an eternity rose does not need any of it.

Good Decorative Piece

Apart from its long life, you would also want to invest in an eternity rose for its decorative properties. Whether you decide to keep it in your home or office, there are various ways to place an eternity rose. For example, putting it in a vase and placing the vase on a center table. And if you get bored with this arrangement, you can opt for placing the eternity rose on a mantelpiece. Thus, allowing you to play around with a single flower. 

Holds a Romantic Value

If you have a significant other and you are not expressive with words, then you should not think twice before gifting an eternity rose to your partner as it would be a romantic gesture. If you gift it in red color, that symbolizes love itself. And gifting it in a preserved form would mean that you are trying to tell your significant other how precious your relationship is. Because an eternity rose also symbolizes the eternity of your relationship. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

Where to Buy Eternity Roses?

You might think that it will be hard to find eternity roses. However, this is not the case. Almost every florist now stocks eternity roses. But the difference would be in the color range that each company offers. Some companies make them in more colors than others. Therefore, your selection of the company would matter too. 

The best part is that companies are now putting in efforts to make the eternity roses available in various arrangements.  Which means that you won’t be investing in a dull-looking eternity rose. You get to choose from different boxes and arrangements that you wish to buy eternity roses in. So, if you are searching for a gift to give to someone special, then you should opt for the eternity roses or roses that last a year as some people may call it.

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