5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Son

It was such a breeze to shop for your son when he was a child. The latest video game, a fun toy — it’s so easy to buy gifts for children. However, once your son is all grown up, it’s harder to buy him a gift he will enjoy. And, your gift-giving abilities may get harder as you age as well. Still, it’s not impossible to find the perfect present for your son. 

Forget socks, colognes, and clothing gifts. Your best bet is to find a unique and thoughtful gift that shows how much you care. And don’t worry about how much it costs. Spending more money on a gift doesn’t mean it’s a better gift than a present on a budget. Or that your son will appreciate it more. So, spend your time thinking about what to buy your son instead. Read on for some helpful ideas. 

Multipurpose Lamp

A lamp sounds like a boring gift — but what if it had built-in speakers? And wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could chill your drink in it? Yes, lamps like this do exist, and they make the best gifts. 

Gift your son a lamp that provides more than good lighting. A multipurpose lamp will play his favorite music through a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Some of these lamps also have a compartment at the top that serves as a drink chiller. And, if it’s wireless, he can use it on-the-go as well. 

Outdoor Show


Experiences are the best option if you can’t think of a material gift. You can give your son tickets to his favorite concert or a sports game. The coronavirus pandemic has made socializing and celebrating together tricky. So, socially distant outdoor experiences are an excellent way to get around the restrictions. Your son will also love that you’ve taken the time and effort to find an experience he enjoys. 

Several outdoor events are safe and thoughtful options for a gift. And, if you can’t decide on a specific event — buy a gift card. Several event companies allow you to give gift cards with a particular amount on them. This way, your son can pick the event he wants and a time and day that suits him. 

Garage Containment Mat 


Auto-equipment and garage tools are always an excellent gift. However, have you thought of getting your son a parking mat? It’s an item your son may not have considered buying for himself but will switch up his garage cleaning routine. There’s nothing more frustrating than sweeping away the debris from your garage. Your garage floor can have dirt and grime (even road salt) all over it. A spill, leak, or oil dribble can stain it. And, you can get cracks in an unprotected, concrete garage floor from heavy wheels too. 

The best option is to gift your son a custom garage containment mat. You can pick from different sizes and materials like vinyl and PVC to ensure it’s perfect for his needs. Garage floor mats have raised edges and thick coating. So, they can hold a significant amount of liquid and debris within them, keeping your garage floor clean. A garage floor mat can also help avoid a buildup of ice, road salt, melted snow, grime. They are easy to maintain, durable, and make cleaning the garage a breeze. 

Fitness System

Does your son love to work out? How about gifting him a device that will help him to workout anywhere? A fitness system is the best option since it has all these features and more. It can help personalize his workouts, track his fitness stats, and motivate him to work out more. 

This portable device also pairs with a phone via Bluetooth. And, it usually includes exercise plans in the system itself. The best part is that it is also compatible with other health and fitness applications. It’s small, easy-to-carry and includes more features than a basic fitness band. 

Feng Shui Plant


Whether it’s for the home or an office, a plant is one of the best options for a gift. You may be unsure whether your son has the time (or inclination) to care for a plant. If so, pick a beginner-friendly plant that requires less maintenance. And, it’s an even better idea to choose one that symbolizes good fortune. 

money tree gift is a great idea. It looks stylish, is easy to care for, and has good vibes. Traditional feng shui suggests that a money tree plant is also an excellent way to foster prosperity. Place it in a sunny room, and you’re good to go. It does not require too much watering either, making it convenient and beneficial to have around.

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