What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet owners want what’s best for their furry family members. For a dog owner, this means finding the right food, a comfy bed, a great veterinarian, and fun toys. You find the time to walk your dog every day and make sure he or she is happy and comfortable. 

You might think you’re already doing everything you can to give your pooch the best life, but if you don’t have pet insurance, you’ll want to rethink that belief. Pet insurance can be extremely beneficial to your dog and will help him live his best life. If you’ve been debating pet insurance, here’s what you need to know. 

It’s not too expensive. 

Maybe you knew about pet insurance but thought it wouldn’t be worth the cost. Most Australians spend $1,975 a year on their dogs and vet costs can be a significant expense. When you have insurance for your dog, you don’t have to stress about extra costs for vet services. The right policy could cover thousands of dollars and will usually cost you less than $100 per month. 

Many pet parents consider their dogs as part of the family and you wouldn’t leave your children uninsured. With the right pet insurance plan, your dog can receive great healthcare which means you’ll never have to debate if you can afford an important surgery or treatment. When your pooch is covered by pet insurance, you can rest assured that he or she can visit the veterinarian anytime without it costing you thousands of dollars. 

It covers accidents, illness, and offers select additional benefits. 

There are plenty of reasons to bring your dog to the vet and those costs can add up. Pet insurance will help cover these expenses. If your pup has been hurt in a car accident, insurance will cover the cost of your pet’s treatment. This could be extremely helpful if your small dog needs surgery after being hit by a car. 

Your dog’s insurance will also cover costs related to illness. Certain conditions are often not covered by insurance, such as hereditary illness, but something like heartworm or ringworm would most likely be covered. Some insurances even offer additional benefits, such as emergency boarding and tick paralysis treatment. Compare Pet Insurance with iSelect to find the right coverage for your pet. 

It protects your pet the same way a great harness does. 

You already do what you can to keep your pet safe. You find him or her the best dog harness and make sure it’s a perfect fit. The right no-pull harness is designed to give you better control while walking your pup and has adjustment points so you know it’s the right fit. If your dog tries to pull during your walk, he will spin towards you instead of dragging you along. This trains your dog to stop pulling and saves you from being injured by a strong pooch. 

The heavy-duty harness is built to last and the reflective material keeps you and your pet safe while walking at night. You’ve already done what you can to find the best dog harness, one designed to keep your pet safe. If you’ll do that, why wouldn’t you also purchase pet insurance? Great insurance will protect your pet and keep him or her healthy. The best pet owners do everything they can to keep their furry family members safe, so adding pet insurance to your to-do list will give your doggy a huge advantage. 

Pet insurance is an easy choice for anyone looking to keep their pets safe and healthy. With the right coverage, pet parents can get their dog’s life-saving treatments without emptying their savings.

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