Aug 10, 2020
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Should You Shampoo Your Hair Everyday?

Americans pay special attention to their hair. It may be true that oily hair attracts dirt but the sebum secreted by your scalp is crucial for healthy hair. The quest for clean hair has led a lot of people into using astringent shampoos on their hair. Some of these products may cause drying and damage to the hair. However, the big question now is how often should you shampoo your hair? Is it every day, weekly, or every other day? The answer lies in a number of factors.

Factors that determine how often you should wash your hair

Some people may not need to wash their hair very often. Elizabeth Hughes, a dermatologist based in Seattle suggests that you wash your hair when you touch it and it feels oily and unclean. However, there is a whole lot of factors that determine how often you should wash your hair besides oil. Some of the factors are listed below.

#1. Hair type

The type of your hair can determine how often you need to wash it. For example, wavy and curly hair needs less frequent washing when compared to straight hair. The reason is that straight hair is easily coated with oil making them greasy. Curly hair, on the other hand, needs more sebum or moisture to stay soft and frizzle-free.

#2. Dust and pollen

If you perform tasks like cleaning or gardening, dust and pollens can easily rise from surfaces and settle on your hair. Some of them get trapped on your hair making them dirty and messy. If you have allergies, this can worsen your condition.

#3. Sweat

Exercise and physical activity are good for the general health of the body. However, they make you sweaty. How light or heavily you sweat can determine how frequently you will need to wash—or at least rinse—your hair. Sweat helps to get rid of waste from the body. When this waste is trapped in your hair, it can cause them to give off an offensive smell. Using Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoos anytime you sweat excessively can help to keep your hair fresh.

#4. Chemical buildup

Certain styling products may leave residue in your hair which will build up over time and cause damage or irritation of the scalp. This is particularly common when you use heavy products. In this case, you may need to wash your hair more frequently.

The right way to shampoo your hair

The right way to shampoo your hair is to focus on the scalp. Apple cider vinegar shampoos and other similar products are designed to clean excess oil from the scalp. Unfortunately, some stylists overuse them by working their way down the length of the hair. This often leads to stripping of the natural oils in the hair causing them to become dry and brittle. Therefore, it is important to use shampoo only on the hair roots. As you rinse, any trapped dirt along the length of the hair will be cleaned.

How to know if you are over-shampooing your hair

Dry and brittle hair is one of the obvious signs that you may be shampooing your hair too much. Also, dandruff is sometimes an outcome from over washing. Rather than shampooing your hair every day, you can opt for conditioning using mild products. This is popularly called co-washing.


Making the decision to condition less is a matter of personal preference. However, ditching shampooing completely may not be a good idea because it can leave you with clogged pores and dull hair. A more effective option would be to switch from your traditional shampoo to Apple cider vinegar shampoos.

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