Does Hair Removal Procedures Hurt

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There are many hair removal procedures that can be performed on different parts of the body. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive and so some procedures may be better suited for those areas. To answer the question of ‘does hair removal procedures hurt?’ The most fair and true answer would be that it depends on many things. 

First, it depends on the hair removal procedure being used. Some procedures may cause a lot of pain while others may cause little to no pain. And second, it depends on the area of the body where you are having the procedure done. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others and so pain may be felt more so in those areas. Below, we will go into further details about this. 

Procedure type – Laser Hair Removal 

When it comes to hair removal procedures, the method that is known to cause the most pain is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal uses laser beam light to target the bulb of each hair. This procedure is often done by a professional. 

For those who prefer at home service, then there are some laser hair removal tools that are made for home use. 

Here is a breakdown of which body part may be associated with the most pain from a laser hair removal procedure done by a professional. 

  • Armpit– one can expect to feel the most pain in the armpits. The armpits have sensitive, soft, and thin skin and so that is why it may be so painful. 
  • Bikini Line– one can expect similar pain around the bikini line as you would get under the armpits. Both of these areas are very sensitive. 
  • Upper lip– Areas of the upper lip will be more painful than any other part of the face such as the cheeks. 
  • Legs– the skin on the legs are much thicker than the areas of the armpit. As such this area will likely be less painful than the others. However, it will not be uncommon for the inner tight to also be a bit more painful than other parts of the leg.
  • Back, and Stomach– These areas will be the less painful areas for undergoing laser hair removal because of the thick skin, it won’t be completely painless.  

If you opt to use an at-home laser hair removal device, you may find that what you experience is more discomfort as opposed to pain. Hair removal tools that use intense pulse light (IPL) technology have been touted as being less painful than the other methods. 


Although a common hair removal procedure, waxing is often just as painful as having laser hair removal. The only downside is that waxing does not give the same long-lasting results. As well as there may be minor irritation post-treatment. 


Plucking is known for giving long-lasting results, however, time-consuming. In terms of pain, this method is less painful than the two mentioned but some pain or discomfort will be felt. It is also important to keep in mind that not all areas with hair can be plucked. It is recommended to only pluck areas with small amounts of hair or stray hairs such as eyebrows or other parts of the face. 


There are many hair removal procedures that people typically use. Among them, laser hair removal, waxing, and plucking are the three that may cause the most pain. These methods are also the ones that offer the most long-lasting results, which is an important thing to consider. T

This informational guide is to provide some direction when it comes to choosing the best hair removal method for you so use it as such.

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