Aug 10, 2020
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5 Most Common Cancer Types

As we go into the second part of 2020, there are currently over 200 various cancers that people can be diagnosed with.

In fact, it is now common for the average American to have either been diagnosed with a form of cancer themselves or have an immediate friend or family member who has been diagnosed.

There are so many different risk factors to consider around getting cancer—and it really varies on a range of variables that change for each type. And with over 200 types, the risks can seem endless.

However, as we turn a new corner in the medial world, we know more about cancer than ever before. We know the types of cancer, the risks of getting them, the common variables of patients who are diagnosed, and treatments to support patients in beating cancer.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against cancer is actually understanding what the most common cancer types are and which one you are likely at the highest risk for.

According to research, here are the five most common cancer types people can be diagnosed with.

1.       Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is often diagnosed in older patients, although younger people have been found to also get it. The cancer is formed from clusters of cells in the colon—and direct risks are your health habits, race, and ethnicity. Cancer Centers mentions that while there are early warning signs of colon cancer, the symptoms do not start until the cancer has advanced. This is why it is best to regularly screen for cancer with your doctor—as uncomfortable and awkward it might seem!

2.       Skin Cancer

Did you know that over a million Americans are currently diagnosed with skin cancer? This is caused by skin cells becoming cancerous. However, many types of skin cancer are actually non-melanoma, meaning that doctors can easily treat many patients right away. Symptoms include sores, irritated skin that gets lumpy, and weird growths that seem abnormal.

3.       Breasts Cancer

This one forms in both males and females. Symptoms are usually seen when large lumps appear near the breast or chest area and there is abnormal pain in the nipple area. However, lumps do not always mean that they are cancerous. But the early breast cancer can be detected, the better chance a patient has at defeating it. So even if the lump does not seem like that big of a deal, it is always safer to get a medical professional to examine it just in case.

4.       Lung Cancer

Unfortunately, this type of cancer is still all too common thanks to many people’s bad habits with smoking and the side-effects of second-hand smoke. Symptoms are often painful coughing, chest discomfort, or pain and changes in your voice. These symptoms often do not show up until it is too late, so if you suspect any sort of symptoms, it is always advisable to seek out a medical test.

5.       Prostate cancer

Too many men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. While the reasons as to why are still unknown, there is confidence in the symptoms. This includes issues trying to go to the bathroom, bleeding, and constant pain or pressure. Typically found in older men, it is still possible for younger men to also be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Routine check-ups are one of the best ways to detect prostate cancer earlier enough to ensure you can defeat it.

While these are only five of over 200 types of cancers, these are the ones that people are most commonly diagnosed with. However scary it may seem, take comfort in knowing that daily more advances in the medical field are being made to combat cancer and that there are numerous things you can do to detect symptoms earlier enough to give you the best chance of a full recovery.   

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