4 Ways Teleconferencing Can Improve Business Productivity

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The exciting world of business technology is growing in leaps and bounds. Examples include the huge increases in use of tablets and smartphones, the development of telecommuting programs at enterprises, training through digital books like the ones found at Holloway, and strong growth in the connectivity of global industry. In order to succeed in this dynamic business society, businesses need to be planning for the future, adopting new technologies and escalating plans to get ahead of the competition. 

Teleconferencing is technology that can help businesses to hold discussions between participants in different locations. As people begin to work more and more from home, teleconferencing has become increasingly popular. If you are a business owner, having a little bit of face-time with your remote workers is crucial to the success of your company. Since you unfortunately are not able to magically summon all your geographically dispersed workers into a single room at once, teleconferencing can provide a virtual meeting room where your team can connect face-to-face regardless of their location! Here are 4 ways teleconferencing can improve productivity. 

Streamlines Collaboration

We all know the saying “Time is money.” However, if this is true, then email is expensive. When employees rely solely on email to come up with solutions to problems, they can spend tons of hours of their day caught in a game of tug-of-war where a lot of opinions might be shared, but no conclusions are actually made. These types of situations could easily be resolved with a simple face-to-face conversation. The ability to collaborate in real time promotes team members to brainstorm and come up with solutions on the spot.

Improves Communication

You can’t read tone or see body language in an email or text – both of which are important cues to make sure everyone is on the same page. In addition, with so many messages in the average employees inbox, it is pretty likely that many of those important notices are only getting skimmed. Teams that can exchange ideas and see each other’s reactions help to prevent miscommunication or misinterpretation that just might hinder productivity and decision-making. Teleconferencing also helps leaders to communicate important info to different departments and teams at the same time which can greatly reduce the need for meetings that last too long and emails that make no sense.

Streamlines Troubleshooting

Whenever you have an issue, it can sometimes be difficult to explain what the problem is without an actual visual. Teleconferencing is helpful in these cases because everyone can have the same video view of what’s going on. For an example, if you are a sales professional with a question about how a new product works, you can easily hop on a video chat with a colleague in the product team with the product in hand to address any points of confusion. What would have taken countless hours going back and forth via an email or phone call can now be resolved in a matter of minutes through teleconferencing. 

Preserves Knowledge

Teleconferencing also enables teams to record events, meetings or knowledge transfers. These recordings can be used to train employees or catch up team members that may have missed an important meeting. Even employees that may have physically participated in the actual meeting but were mentally checked out can go back and review any vital information that they may have missed. 

Teleconferencing is an incredible way for business owners to take their company to the next level. It helps to streamline collaboration, improves communication, streamlines troubleshooting and preserves knowledge. It is important to provide your employees with the tools they need to flourish and teleconferencing can help! 

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