4 Luxury Furniture Accent Pieces

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Your home is your castle, your sanctuary.  With what is happening with the world today, it puts even greater value on your living space and nothing makes one feel more at peace than creating a fabulous home environment.  No need to go Extreme Makeover Home Edition and start from scratch, selecting a few key luxury furniture accent pieces will go a long way.  

Not all of us have a keen eye for design, it can be a challenge to really hone in on your style and stray from either going overboard or hodge podge.  The trick is to start with pieces you really like, that can help determine which style path to choose.  Even then, mixing and matching various designs can work given the overall choices you make to blend it all together. 

The Accent Chair

Whether you are working with a large or small space, accent chairs can really tie a room together.  Since they are not a sofa or a significant statement piece to your space, using an accent chair can shape the appeal of your room.  

  • Lounge/Arm Chair – Ideal for comfort, these classy seats will work in any setting.  Small spaces need not worry, you can always break up the monotony of a room with one or even two arm chairs to replace a loveseat.  
  • Armless Chair – Perfect for a corner or as an element of design or for a pop of color when comfort isn’t necessarily a priority
  • Rounded Back Chair – This art deco era inspired chair can add an air of sophistication to any room.  Plus, depending on which style you choose, can fit into any size space.  

Coffee Table

Simple is best when it comes to coffee tables.  If you grew up in the 80’s, you may be privy to the outrageous design choices of the time like fish tank and neon light up coffee versions.  But as great as they seemed back then, we hate to break it to you that those choices are not timeless pieces that can carry you from one decade to another as much as you wish they would.  Look for traditional rectangular or square shapes in basic tones of brown, black and white.  For a pop of design, look for some architectural features such as metal work.  


Looking for a functional yet fashionable piece of furniture?  Consider adding an ottoman to spruce up the decor.  Long bench styles work ideal near a window or at the end of your bed, or try a smaller round version for a spot to kick up your feet after a long day.  Larger versions found in a multitude of colors can take the place of a coffee table for an added pop.  

Side Table

Often an overlooked element, a side table can offer quite a bit of pizzazz to a drab and dreary room.  They can serve as a stand to house a decorative yet useful lamp or house a lovely indoor plant for a touch of greenery, or even other ornamental decorative pieces that help tie your space together.  The beauty of these are, they don’t have to be large or excessively expensive to do the trick.  

When looking into furnishing a space, it’s easy to get caught up in only the larger components such as a sofa, a media console, a bed or a dresser.  While those big ticket items are most definitely a necessity, it is not solely those pieces alone which create a cohesive design aesthetic.  Finding the perfect accent furniture pieces really does a stellar job of bringing flair, drama and style to your space.  It is in these components where you can truly showcase who you are and what sets your space apart from any other.    

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