4 Energy-Efficient Appliances That Could Save You Money

With the pandemic forcing more and more people to stay at home, chances are that you may have seen your own electric bill rise in recent months. While we all try our best to be conscious of the amount of energy we are using, it can be a bit harder to save energy and lower our monthly bills when we are home more. The good news? There are appliances on the market that are designed to use energy more efficiently and cut down our electric bills. If you are looking into purchasing some of these energy-efficient appliances, here are four great energy-efficient appliances that could save you money. 


1. Purchase an energy-efficient washing machine

Our laundry room will often use a large amount of energy, especially if we are washing clothes weekly for a large family. As such, this should be one main area of focus as you are looking to save money and energy. All energy-efficient appliances come with energy star ratings. The higher the star rating, the more energy and money you will save as you use it. Some other considerations to make when you are looking into washing machines include looking for one with a cold setting, front-loading capabilities, and the ability to sense what kind of load you are putting in so that you don’t end up using too much water in each load. 

2. Look into energy-efficient dryers for the perfect duo

Dryers, as you may have already guessed, use quite a bit of energy as well. While there are fewer considerations to make for a clothes dryer, it is important that you seek out a heat pump clothes dryer as these will help you conserve more energy and cost less with regular use. You should also think about investing in some areas in your house where you can air-dry clothes that may not need to be thrown into the dryer!

3. Improve your kitchen with an energy-efficient refrigerator 

Your fridge and your freezer run all day, which means that you are going to want to look for the best bang for your buck when it comes to this essential appliance. The product that you will choose will depend entirely on your current needs. Are you looking for a dual option? Do you want a separate fridge and freezer? Will you need to place another fridge or freezer in separate areas of your house? Whatever your needs may be, look for a product that is built to last and is known for being energy efficient. 

4. Cut down on energy in the living room with an energy-efficient television set

If you are a lover of entertainment and watch TV constantly, you may be using quite a bit of energy in the process (which builds upon the energy you are using to run other appliances.) Make sure to look for an LED or LCD display that is big enough for your space. Large TVs and plasma screens can consume more electricity than other options on the market. Additionally, be conscious about how much TV you are watching throughout the week and pay attention to your brightness settings and other energy-draining aspects of keeping your TV on. 

Additional Considerations

Along with finding the right appliances to install in your home, there are other ways that you can cut down on your monthly electricity bill. 

One of the biggest considerations to make is whether or not your current appliances are functioning properly. For example, let’s imagine that you have just installed a sub-zero refrigerator. While it appears to be working, there may be a number of common issues that are causing your refrigerator to work harder and consume more of your electricity. If you have noticed that your fridge is having problems, it is a good idea to reach out to a specialist. In this case, reaching out to technicians that specialize in Sub-Zero refrigerator repair requests. With the support of the proper specialists, they can help you identify any potential issues in your appliances that may be causing you to lose money. 

Another thing to consider is your current electric rates and whether or not you can find the best price with another utility company. If you have the opportunity to switch and find a better deal in your area, it may be time to look around for a better service provider. For some people, however, getting started can be the hardest part. Are you looking to switch? If so, you can easily compare electricity providers with iSelect to get started. 

Saving energy is something that everyone wants to do. However, finding the right appliances is not always easy. If you want to save on your electricity bill, consider the four energy-efficient appliances listed above to get started!

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