Your Smile and Your Self-Esteem: How Braces Can Boost Your Confidence

Getting braces, particularly as a young child, has become somewhat of a right of passage across America. Nowadays, it’s strange to see a middle-schooler or young high school student who isn’t straightening their teeth with the help of braces or Invisalign. These helpful brackets and trays are designed to straighten the teeth and correct any jaw issues that may be present. 

But it’s not just children who are opting for traditional metal braces; with the advent of Invisalign and different types of braces, it’s become easier than ever for people of all ages to opt for orthodontic treatment. With a flexible spending account, the typical pair of braces cost less than what you might have seen in years past. 

If you’re considering braces, whether it be for complex cases involving TMJ or a simple desire to straighten your teeth, here are some of the top ways that braces can boost your self-confidence. 

You’ll feel more confident in your smile. 

Smiling is one of the primary ways that humans interact with each other. If you’re not confident in the way your teeth look, whether it be because of crowded teeth or crooked teeth, you will feel less inclined to engage with others. In some cases, a poor smile can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety, especially when a photo opp comes around. If you’re not confident in your smile, braces are one of the best ways to straighten your teeth for the long term. 

Reports show that the average woman smiles more than 60 times each day. It doesn’t matter if you’re interacting with friends or just going on a trip to the supermarket: smiling is a natural thing to do. By straightening your smile, you’ll be sure to feel more confident and outgoing in public. 

You’ll feel healthier.

Having healthy, straight teeth impacts more than just your social life. In fact, taking care of your oral health with Invisalign or braces can actually improve your health.

Studies have shown that having poor dental health is linked to a myriad of health issues, including stroke and heart disease. Crooked teeth are also harder to clean than their straight counterparts. Flossing and brushing become an easier task if you don’t have to navigate the nooks and crannies between your teeth that are harder to reach. Your orthodontist and dentist will also have an easier time cleaning and maintaining your teeth when you go in for your twice-annual checkup. Your dental treatment plan won’t look the same as everyone else, but you can rest assured that you’ll feel healthier once you make that final decision to get braces.

You won’t feel pain anymore.

Living in constant pain from a chronic condition can make anyone feel a little antisocial. If you’re experiencing pain from crooked teeth or jaw alignment issues, you may not even want to leave the house. Luckily, braces offer more than one type of treatment. Along with straightening your teeth, braces are also meant to correct issues with your jaw and bite alignment. 

Crossbites, overbites, and underbites can cause a slew of health issues including chronic headaches, sore tongues and cheeks from accidental bites, and poor digestion of food. If your dental issues are causing you pain, a dental treatment plan is the best way to face the problem head-on. Keep in mind that traditional metal braces are typically used in lieu of Invisalign for serious bite and jaw issues. As such, if you’re worried about the cost of braces, it’s worth it to talk to your insurance provider to get the best option. 

Braces are designed to improve the smile of anyone, regardless of age. When you want to learn more about metal braces, Invisalign, and the cost of orthodontic treatment, talk to your dental insurance provider about a payment plan today.

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