5 Ways for Men to Improve Sexual Performance

Are you feeling tired and run down? Men are often categorized as bottles of sexual desire that will never run on empty. Unfortunately, stress, low testosterone levels, and issues with blood flow can make sex difficult for many. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are particularly problematic among older adults and highly-stressed individuals. Since we’re all stressed out right now because of the threat of coronavirus, it only makes sense that sexual dysfunction might occur. 

While it’s natural to have ups and downs in your sex life, that doesn’t make dealing with erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues any easier. Here are some of the five best ways for men to improve their sexual performance for the best results in the bedroom. 

1. Look into dietary supplements.


Supplements are vital for maintaining homeostasis in your body. Just like vegans might have to take protein supplements, those lacking the vitamins necessary for boosting sexual desire might want to consider male enhancement supplements. 

A regular dietary supplement can be designed to combat erectile dysfunction due to stress, low testosterone levels, and more. Thanks to a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, men can feel comfortable taking a daily pill that fills the holes in their diet. Try taking more supplements that are rich in B12 and eating more foods that can help lower your cholesterol. In some cases, your diet might be contributing to lethargy and poor sexual performance. Talk to a qualified health professional about how supplements can give you more energy and lead to better sexual performance. 

2. Talk to your doctor about prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs, like antidepressants and even some heart medications, can result in lower libido in some people. If you take a daily prescription drug, like anti-hypertensive medications, and are suffering similar symptoms to older men in the bedroom, you might want to talk to your doctor about your drug administration. 

In some cases, your doctor will recommend trying a different pill. Lowered sexual desire isn’t considered as one of the serious adverse health effects of taking medications, but it can certainly lower your quality of life. You might want to try a different pill for your medical condition. 

If you’re not interested in changing your current medications, however, you can always try investing in male enhancement pills. ExtenZe, for example, is designed to boost testosterone levels, leading to harder erections, larger penis size, better sexual endurance, and higher sexual aggressiveness. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about the possible side effects before investing in a new prescription regimen. 

3. Try doing Kegels.

Kegels are pelvic floor exercises designed to help the function of the bladder and bowels. However, Kegel exercises in both men and women are key for improving your sexual health. In some cases, they can lead to better sexual performance and make feelings of pleasure more intense with repeated use. 

If you’ve never done a Kegel, here’s how: imagine that you have to pee, but you can’t pee at that moment. Tighten these muscles that would usually stop the flow, hold that position for three seconds, and let it go. Congrats, now you’ve performed your first Kegel! Try to do this several times each day to see the side effects. 

4. Watch your weight.


Did you know that high blood pressure and heart disease can impact your sex life? This is because all of the inner workings of your body are connected. If you’re having vascular problems, this will impact your heart health, your blood vessels, and, of course, your penis. Erectile dysfunction is disproportionately higher among heavier men. 

Eating healthier in order to lower your cholesterol will help improve blood flow and lead to better erections. A healthier body is also key to reducing the possibility of premature ejaculation. Try to get your blood pumping at least once a day for 30 minutes in order to live a healthier, and sexier, life. 

5. Get your hormones checked out. 

Most men think that they’re experiencing erectile dysfunction issues as a result of lowered levels of testosterone. This problem is particularly prevalent in older men, but just about anyone can experience the adverse effects of hormone issues regardless of age. If you think you’re experiencing sexual issues because of testosterone problems, look to see if you’re also experiencing hair loss, acne, and other signs of lowered testosterone. Talk to your doctor or another qualified health care professional about these problems before you chalk up your sexual issues to a hormonal issue. Taking too much testosterone can be as bad as having too little. 

Maintaining your sexual health is an important component of leading a healthy life. If you’re experiencing issues with premature ejaculation, erections, or low libido, consider these tips to improve your sexual health.

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