Jul 02, 2020

5 Online Courses That’ll Advance Your Career

Technology (most notably, the internet) makes it possible for professionals and full-time students alike to receive degrees online. Not only that but it’s possible to take relevant courses from the convenience of your own home. If you’re looking to expand your mind in your PJs, you’re in luck. Here are five online courses that’ll advance your career.

Building a Personal Brand

Whether you opt for a free course on creating a brand or pay top dollar, this course can help you advance your career because it’s important to know how to professional market yourself. Doing so can lead to more clients (if you own your own business) as well as help you better spread your message and explain what you want to tell your audience.

Having a strong personal brand can give you leverage and show your value, which is beneficial whether you run your own business or work for an employer. Depending on the course, you should learn about digital marketing and other vital areas for building a personal brand. Although, there are different levels and many topics on the art of building a personal brand.

Health and Wellness 

Mental health is just as important as physical health, although they’re both essential. If you want to be the best version you can be, then you have to take care of your body, soul, and mind. With that said, not all courses have to teach you skills related to your work. Taking a course on your health, no matter what your profession might be, can help you live a happier life, depending on the course and if you take the lessons seriously. Knowing how to reduce stress and anxiety can also lead to more fulfillment at your job.

With that in mind, there are plenty of health-related courses for health industries, such as an online CPR course. If you need to take a CPR course or first aid certification for your job, then you can select your course and pass your test on your computer.


You don’t have to be an aspiring journalist or novelist to take a writing course. Many professions require writing tasks every single day and beefing up these skills can make you look more professional, not to mention get your point across in work emails. The best part is that there are countless writing courses available online for all levels and many are tailored to the type of work you do.


Finance or Economics

Far too many people are bad with their money, making finance, economics, or money-related course essential for all professionals. Knowing how to take care of your money as well as how to invest can help set you up for a future in which you can worry about money less. No matter what level you’re starting at or what financial area of expertise you desire, there’s a course for you. As an example, there are resources available to help ensure proper guidelines and state tax compliance. Information-packed handbooks and courses on taxes are important for any industry.

Intro to Public Speaking

Most jobs require people to speak, even if it’s only in meetings. The thing is, public speaking abilities even come into play when you’re interviewing for a new job. While well-crafted resumes and relevant experience are important, being able to articulate your responses and conversations are invaluable during the interviewing process, and of course, can help you stand out at your job.

There’s a course for every type of professional. While we believe the courses above are beneficial for most professionals, a little research and a willingness to learn can lead to you acquiring whatever information you desire via an online course.

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