10 Things Every Woman Should Own by 30

Turning the corner to 30 and watching your care-free twenties slip into the rear-view mirror means officially arriving into adulthood for many. Age is only a number and success comes in different ways at different times. There are a few things, however, that should be had by the time the big 3-0 comes around. Here are 10 things every woman should own by 30. 

1. A Proper Coffee Maker

A generic coffee maker was fine to survive the college years, but by 30 it’s time to graduate to a proper coffee maker. Don’t break the bank on a fancy model but do spring for something that will make a quality cup of coffee. 


2. Quality Skin Care Products 

Every woman has wondered about skincare and when to worry about it at least once. By 30 you should be using quality skincare products that will keep skin feeling amazing. Sera Labs is a premiere CBD brand whose products are natural and holistic. All of their full-spectrum and isolate CBD is derived from hemp that’s organically grown in the U.S. CBD products from Sera Labs are dedicated to health and wellness, like their CBD oil 500mg and tinctures, CBD beauty products, CBD creams, and CBD edibles. 

3. An Email Address, Voicemail, and Bank Account

Specifically, every woman should have a private email address, voicemail box, and bank account that no one else has access to. By 30 the reality that old age will happen has set in and so has the motivation to start saving for it. 


4. Something Expensive Bought By You 

You deserve to treat yourself to nice things. By 30 every woman should own something expensive bought by her – a pair of designer shoes, a luxury handbag, or a piece of diamond jewelry. Who says a woman has to wait to receive an engagement ring to enjoy some bling? Agape Diamonds creates unique, affordably priced designer jewelry with conflict-free simulated and lab-grown diamonds, as well as ethically-sourced Earth-mined diamonds. A quick look at Agape Diamond reviews shows the overwhelming product, price, and customer service satisfaction. 

5. A Foot Forward on the Path to Personal Satisfaction

By 30 every woman should have a foot forward towards satisfying personal relationships, career, and life experiences, and the belief that she deserves it. 

6. A Set of Pots and Pans

Cooking should no longer be a mystery by 30. Have an actual set of pots and pans in the kitchen and be surprised by how much they will be used. Feel inspired to cook with an organized collection of staple recipes. 


7. Matching Dishes

Whether single or coupled, by 30 every woman should own a set of matching dishes that serves more than one person. Retire random dishes and find something cute that fits the budget. 

8. A Fully-Stocked Tool Kit

Say good-bye to crafty handy-man fixes around the house using whatever resources are available. A fully-stocked tool kit with essentials like a hammer, screwdriver, and power drill should be accessible at any time. 

9. A Dining Room Table

Since the kitchen has matching dishes and a set of pots and pans waiting to be used, it’s only practical to own a dining room table to eat meals at. And not just any dining room table, but a piece of furniture that isn’t a family hand-me-down. 


10. A Respectable Wardrobe 

Every woman should own a Little Black Dress that makes a statement and one evening bag or hand clutch for evenings out. A classic trenchcoat works with both casual and business attire, as do classic black pumps and practical flats. By 30 every woman should be fitted with a comfortable bra that fits and compliments her bust.

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