Jul 08, 2020
young female athlete in compression socks running isolated on white background

Why Compression Socks Are Helpful?

When it comes to compression socks, most people view them as just for seniors, people in the hospital, or runners. However, there are numerous reasons why compression socks are helpful.

First, let’s talk about what compression socks are. These knee-high socks are pulled above our feet and rest basically right below our knees. What compression socks are supposed to do is compress the lower part of our legs. This includes our ankles, calves, and even our toes. Utilizing unique materials they are made of rubber fibers. What this does is send compression to our calves, toes, shins, and ankles.   

So what happens when you wear compression socks? Essentially they work to reduce the size of veins that are found in the lower part of our legs. What this does is get more blood flow going in our legs and that reduction even improves and enhances the work of both arteries and veins. The big picture effects include more circulation, more venous wall support, and reduced venous pressure.

What we will find when our muscles, arteries, and veins are compressed and when blood that’s circulating is forced through these tight channels is that venous returns which is the flow of blood back to the heart is greatly improved. 

Below are a few examples of how compression socks are helpful:

  1. Compression Socks Help Improve Athletic Performance

Everybody wants to be quicker.  Have you ever seen a race or marathon and noticed runners wearing glowing and vibrant knee-high socks?  These runners are not trying to begin a clothing trend as these socks may be as trendy.  Instead, runners have discovered that men’s working compression socks and women compression socks can really help when preparing for a marathon or even race.  The socks offer more comfort and help reduce lactate concentration in the thighs especially during long runs.  After long marathons, training runs and races and compression socks help runners recuperate, decrease the quantity of soreness, and circulate the blood.

  1. Compression Socks Decrease Risk Of Blood Clots

When it comes to travelers who travel a lot, they most likely are seeking compression socks that stop blood clots from taking place during flights.  What happens is that when your sitting for long periods of time is that you are more likely to have dangerous blood clots develop in your lower legs which ultimately can lead to life-threatening situations. 

Compression socks improve circulation while preventing blood from pooling in your lower limbs. 

  1. Compression Socks Increase Muscular Stability

For people who are on their feet all day, such as those who have jobs that require a lot of walking like mail carriers, muscular vibration (also called oscillation) occurs at a significantly higher rate. What you’ll find is that every time your foot hits the ground whether it be from running or walking is that a ton of pressure is placed on the muscles.  Over time, what will happen is the muscles will continue to move back and forth. What this does is reduces stability in the legs and can also result in swelling, fatigue, and even injury.

What applying compression to the muscles does is reduce lateral movement and oscillation. By doing so, muscles are provided much-needed stability which provides for overall efficiency.

Ultimately, compression socks can be useful for many reasons.  The usage of compression socks has been scientifically proven beneficial.  By way of instance, compression socks enhance performance by enhancing blood and circulation flow.  Compression socks reduce swelling, inflammation, and edema.  Injury and disease could both be treated and prevented with the assistance of compression socks.  Always remember, the best compression socks are those that have gradient compression that is appropriate fit well, and so are created from materials that are high quality.  

It should also be said that it’s always best to consult a doctor prior to using compression socks for underlying medical conditions. 

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